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Winsome threads of Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea coast of Bangladesh as well as an enigmatic land of purity and religious flair; this is none other than the land of Myanmar. Myanmar attracts visitors worldwide because it is loaded with natural beauty and extravagant atmosphere. Its history, nature, art, architecture, culture and religious traits […]

Among those with a travel bug biting them more often than it should be, destinations to travel and explore are a common topic. The excitement of seeing new places and experiencing new stuff gets the ball rolling. There are countless places to visit and explore on this planet, however, putting a finger on one remains […]

Nyaung Shwe becomes touristy with the second largest natural lake in Myanmar – Inle Lake. More and more holidaymakers have stopped by this impressive lake and even stay overnight there to see what others rumor about the Nyaung Shwe nightlife that covers no club, no disco, or no karaoke lounge. When the night falls, people […]

What do we make on the different tours we undertake? Memories of course. What is the trick to remember every memory? Photographs! With the advent of amazing photography software, equipments and even iPhone cameras, the tougher part is not clicking amazing photographs but clicking everything that is there to click. The right angles, the right […]

Do you love trying out different cuisines? Did you know your vacation could very well be an experience where you try out new cuisines and savor them? Like if you are on a cruise in Myanmar you can very well relish the foods and smells there? Well yes. Food while on a tour can be […]

Every time you even think of travel, finalizing the place is still the easier part. Planning the complete itinerary is something that needs many hours of work. Planning, re-planning, scratching out, and planning again. There are times when you even think of changing the destination because the plans are not working out. After losing many […]

As the second largest natural lake in Myanmar, Inle Lake has long been famous. It is positioned in the center of Nyaung Shwe valley and looks highly impressive. If you don’t know where to stay in Nyaung Shwe, the good list of the top hotels undoubtedly helps arrive at the right spots. Due to the […]

Though Nyaung Shwe (Inle Lake) might be rustic, there is no lack of the awesome eateries. More and more elegant restaurants are popping up in the region to serve better the new gourmets. There are two big categories of the eateries in this area: the first category serves the local Shan dishes and the second […]

Bagan is a mecca with thousands of temples and holy constructions enchanting travelers worldwide. Coexist with the ancient monuments are the modern recreational forms like clubs, restaurants, and bars. The Bagan nightlife promises to be distinctive and enjoyable, even though there is no disco in the town. It’s not subdued at all. Rather, Bagan is […]

The next dreaming trip to Bagan won’t cover any bewilderment if you clearly know where to stay in Bagan when the legs need to relax and the head needs to rest. It’s the right time to sleep to regain energy after the full-day tour to the city’s more than 2000 religious monuments. Hence, for those […]