Myanmar Travel Guide

As a country of diversity and color, Myanmar welcomes the visitors worldwide. Every time you visit Burma, it will surprise you with the unique blend of history and modernity. The wonderful colonial-era buildings and ancient temples are well-preserved enough to please even the most fastidious guests. Myanmar Holidays have long been one of the most exciting options for anybody that loves enjoying a balloon ride, trekking to far-off land, entering a cave housing thousands of Buddha images, witnessing a big golden rock, getting immersed in the crystal clear seawater, etc.

Today, more and more guests feel interested in the golden beauty of Myanmar. The country is now opening up many opportunities for us to visit its highlights of tourism. Just have a glimpse of Myanmar’s major destinations like Yangon, Ngapali Beach, Golden Rock, Inle Lake, Mandalay, etc., you will eagerly fall in love with their enigmatic attractions. As Myanmar is a new land to you, it’s very smart to tour with a good guide, and we are here to support you with Myanmar Travel Guide.

Enjoy the pertinent information about Myanmar (or Burma) and the land’s essentials before you go! We address the keys of Myanmar Introduction, Best Time to Visit Myanmar, Myanmar People and Ethnology, Myanmar Architecture, Religions in Myanmar, Myanmar Festivals, and Visa to Myanmar. All of these comprehensive guides are given to assure that your travelling experiences in Myanmar are most favorable ever. Trust us, Myanmar is worth a go and you will never regret the moments you spent in such the beautiful and fascinating country. The Myanmar Tours will even go far beyond your expectations, and our Myanmar Travel Guide boosts your joy to its highest notch.

Myanmar is one of the most enigmatic countries in the world, with over 90% of the population are Buddhists. The country preserves many valuable traditions, including their unique Thingyan – the Burmese New Year Festival or Water Festival which is closely related to Buddhism. The festival often falls around mid-April (13 to 16 April), with […]

Myanmar appears enigmatic, beautiful, and appealing to travelers worldwide, with wonderfully gilded pagodas, extraordinary culture, and of course, unspoiled and charming beaches. Let’s get to know the top marvelous and pristine beaches in Myanmar to immerse yourself in the true beach haven. #1: Ngapali Stretching around 7km along the white sand and green palm ranges, […]

Myanmaris known as the Land of Golden Pagodas and Temples which draws much attention from tourists all over the world to the revered and mysterious structures. From the most famous pagodas in the center of Yangon to the most magnificent temples in the heart of Bagan, your spiritual trip is always full of joy and […]

Inle Lake is a natural place of interest in Burma that has been receiving lots of praises for its beauty.  The Lake is tranquil, charming, and lovely, especially during sunrise and sunset. On picturesque riverscape, the fishermen with leg-rowing style appear beautiful. For an enjoyable discovery of this highlight, try out 9 top things to […]

Myanmar (Burma) is rich in culture, religion, and festival. Without a doubt, the beautiful country hosts many significantly colorful festivals every year. And if you can thoughtfully experience a Myanmar Tour in the festive time, you get an extra boost of joy and fun. The major religion in Myanmar is Theravada Buddhism, so it is […]

An objective guide to Religions in Myanmar emphasizes the fact that Myanmar (Burma) is a multi-religious nation. The country covers no official religion for the state, but the Burmese government is likely to take the Theravada Buddhism for the main religion that is practiced by 89% of the population. The Shan, Mon, Bamar, Rakhine, and […]

Myanmar (Burma) has long been renowned for its extraordinary religious monuments, palaces, and colonial-era buildings. The notion of Myanmar Architecture has attracted many experts and tourists who hold the big interest in the new land’s architecture. Due to the renewal theme in Myanmar culture, the majority of the capital cities here have been renewed. Some […]

Myanmar (or Burma) is a diverse country in regards to its ethnicities. The Burmese government has recognized 135 distinct ethnic groups officially. Such the groups are further divided into the eight “major national ethnic races”. We list them out for your references: Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Mon, Bamar, Rakhine, and Shan. Reading about Myanmar People […]

Traveling to Myanmar (or Burma) has long been in favor of many tourists who desire to get immersed in the enigmatic Southeast Asian country. Myanmar is beautiful and attractive for the year-round enjoyment, but it doesn’t mean that you should experience a Myanmar Tour with an empty head about the land’s weather. Of course, the […]

Myanmar (the former name was Burma) gets along well with the neighbors as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Just several years ago, Myanmar Holidays sounded bizarre and new to many people. But recently, this Southeast Asian country grows to be the hot spot that attracts many backpackers and tourists worldwide. A good introduction about Myanmar […]