Myanmar Travel to Mrauk U – The Forgotten Paradise
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Mrauk U is located close to the western border of Myanmar and functions as the second largest temple center of the country, only after Bagan. The pagodas and temples in this destination are made from stone bricks, which are different from the ones made from clay brick and wet-mud brick in Bagan. Travel to Mrauk U, you join the medieval and ancient world in which the 15th-century religious sites are left. Collect more tips on Mrauk U with Myanmar Tour Agency !

The Forgotten Religious Venues in Mrauk U

Called as the “Forgotten Paradise,” Mrauk U owns an admirable collection of temples and pagodas that appears antique, revered, and solemn. Nestled under the windy hill and the little villages are the ancient temples of the 15th century. You might get the feeling that this is the legendary place or the cradle of many Burmese anecdotes. In the early morning, the medieval city is mostly covered by the mist, delivering the fairylike sights. Together with doing homage to the consecrated and impressive temples, it’s great to visit the riverside villages to watch the local life and activity.

To sort out those of the top religious sites to see in Mrauk U, consider these names: Shitthaung, Htukkanthein, Koe Thaung, Andaw Thein, Lemyethna, and Ratana. Amongst these, the most imposing and antique construction is the Shitthaung Temple. According to the history, this religious venue was erected in 1535-1536 dedicated to commemorating the victory over Bengal. The temple owns the solemnly adored chamber in the center in which the pilgrims do homage to more than 8.000 Buddha images. The holy and miraculous architecture of Shitthaung is the big highlight that contributes to the archaeological values in the city.

At Koe Thaung Temple in Mrauk U - Myanmar

At Koe Thaung Temple in Mrauk U – Myanmar

Furthermore, the list of what to see in Mrauk U also has a place for Chin Villages. The interaction with the Chin ethnic group in the Rakhine State gives the exceptional cultural experiences. There you can see how the Chin women have many different tattoo patterns on their faces and wear the eye-catching unique necklaces. If you have more time exploring the village, take the opportunities to view the Chin dancing and their musical bamboo flutes. If you go with the knowledgeable travel guide, expect to get some knowledge about the meanings of the Chin tattoo on the women’s faces as well as the big holes on their earlobes.

Some people might describe this city as “sleepy” while the others say it “antique and appealing,” and in fact, these adjectives are used correctly. The city is so peaceful that makes somebody feel it sleepy. And, it also has the exquisite and age-old religious constructions which appeal to the guests strongly.

Mrauk U Remains Pristine and Charming

Being not as touristy as Bagan, it’s certain that Mrauk U remains the pristine charm and the valuable peace. There you enjoy walking on the quiet streets, sightseeing the green hill and the idyllic rice fields, and breathing the pure air. With thousands of the Buddha images and intricate architecture covered in the mist, Mrauk U in Myanmar can mesmerize the visitors and make them feel like they are getting lost in the real mythical world.

The way to a Chin ethnic group village in Mrauk U, Myanmar

The way to a Chin ethnic group village in Mrauk U, Myanmar

Look for any picture of Myanmar travel to Mrauk U, from the vast green fields to the incredible temples and the peaceful life of the locals, you might fall in love with this forgotten destination even before you actually come to see it. The tranquility and mystery of this Forgotten Paradise in the north of Rakhine State are waiting for you to relish. With the majestic temple background, it’s impossible that you leave this destination without a fantastic photo album. The rural taste holiday in Mrauk U might be what somebody out there needs to unwind and flee from the bustling city life.

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