Myanmar is a mysterious wonderland of Indochina region filled with ethnic culture, history, Buddhist monuments, and captivating nature, but there stands out Myanmar travel warnings that tourists need to know before traveling. It is not a complete wonderland, and some people still question “Is it safe to travel to Myanmar 2019?” If it is one of your concerns, find the following tips, advice, and information about the no-go zones.

The safety concepts in Myanmar

Used to be an off-limits nation, Myanmar (Burma) is now open to tourism and business. Highlights of the country like Bagan, Yangon, Inle Lake, and Mandalay are all available for people to travel and get around. In general, Myanmar is safe despite some no-go zones and ongoing ethnic issues but these rarely influence travelers. Other issues like petty theft are almost non-existent while crimes against tourists are low.

It is a fact that the number of tourists to Myanmar has increased much. In 1995, the country received just 21.000 visitors but in 2017, the number increased to 3.44 million, resulting in a rise of 16.190%. This reflects how willing people are to travel in Myanmar, and that the country has opened up. People might opt for Myanmar small group tours or the solo travel on their own, and the result is that they have a safe and pleasant vacation.

Attractions not to miss in Myanmar

  • Bagan is the most visited attraction in Myanmar. Seasoned travelers call it “the gilded city” for the inordinacy of Buddhist religious monuments. Thousands of the temples remain intact and mysterious. A sunrise Bagan Balloon Tours over the ancient pagodas and temples are really memorable.
  • Mandalay is Myanmar’s last royal capital city in which attractions are preserved to be antique and cultural. Highlights are Mandalay Hills’ beautiful panorama, puppet show, and Kuthodaw Pagoda.
  • Inle Lake surprises guests at the scenic floating villages and over-water bungalows for perfect sightseeing and relaxation. The lake scenery is spotlighted with over 200 monasteries and the fishermen’s leg-rowing style create an awesome view.
  • U-Bein Bridge, close to Amarapura, is one of the oldest and longest teakwood bridges in the world. Sunset photography of this bridge is a must to do.
  • Golden Rock – Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is a unique spot for pilgrimage that you see how miraculously a golden rock perched over an edge of the cliff. And, on top of the rock is the little yet sacred pagoda.
  • Yangon is so famous with the glittering Shwedagon Pagoda.
Myanmar Travel Warnings

Myanmar Travel Warnings

Myanmar Travel Warnings: What are the no-go zones?

Some certain parts of the country are not open to tourists: the northern parts of Shan State, the South of Chin State, Kachin State, and Rakhine State. Particular towns like Hsi Paw in Shan state is fine to travel but not recommended. Ensure that you contact a local agent or expert to check the circumstances in advance. Furthermore, the international border regions might be unsafe such as the Karin and Mon States on the Thai – Myanmar borders. Often, trekking by yourself is not advised. Not only are there wild animals, but unexploded mines and controlled areas will also eventually get you into serious troubles.

Top safety tips during Myanmar Tours 2019

  • Be cautious of the locals who discuss politics.
  • Keep eyes on snakes when you are trekking and visiting the distant, isolated temples in Bagan.
  • Be careful when you’re crossing the roads in Yangon city.
  • Don’t take photographs of any police, military personnel, or even government buildings.
  • Go trekking with a local guide who knows where to go and not to go, and how to deal with some local situations.
  • Cover up any tattoo with an image of Buddha because this might be considered as disrespectful.
  • Book hotel rooms in advance which will help you avoid the last-minute rush and overpriced accommodation.
  • Dress appropriately is surely a must to do. Dress like the locals will bring more respect, with longyi, baggy trousers, or a top covering your shoulders.
  • Know that the reddish stains on the floor are left by people chewing betel.
  • Keep yourself out of the sun and make sure you’re hydrated because the country is quite hot.
  • Taxis are good and safe ways to get around Yangon. In the airport, it’s feasible to get a taxi and just give an exact address to the driver.
  • Use the bottled water in Myanmar and ensure that the seal has not been broken.
  • Never touch monks. Myanmar is a strongly Buddhist country that monks are highly appreciated. Even if you are giving offerings to the monk, do not touch him directly; rather, place the offerings within his reach.
  • For money matters, it’s accepted the local Kyat and U.S. dollars.

Advice for solo travelers in Myanmar

If you are solo travelers, expect to meet new friends and discover the mystic world of Myanmar in an amazing way. The country is safe, but it’s always best to come prepared with some tips.

  • When you travel on your own, give yourself an opportunity to socialize and chat with people in the hostel. Other good options are the family-run guesthouses that bring you joy in the homestay-like experiences.
  • It’s a nice idea to wear the traditional Burmese Longyi that brings good impressions and keeps the conversations with the locals going.
  • If trekking in the off-the-beaten-track trails, get yourself a local guide who masters the local situations.
  • Buy a sim card at the airport so that you can use maps and phone the hotel, the restaurants, and other addresses beforehand. Staying in contact with your loved ones is off course.
  • If you’re a woman and travel on a train, a bus, or a boat by yourself, it’s advised to sit with other women.

Myanmar today is the darling of the tourism world which inspires people to discover the country that used to be isolated and off-limits. Golden pagodas in Yangon and thousands of the temples in Bagan marked by the monks in red-hued robes are the incomparable images that help Myanmar Tours 2019 hit the tourists’ favorite.