Myeik in Myanmar is the next destination to explore for the thrill-seekers who love something new, hidden, and beautiful. Then, if you share this passion, then be passionate to read some fascinating pieces before you go to Myeik.

About Myeik in Myanmar

Myeik (or Mergui) is a remote city in Tanintharyi Division of Myanmar, with the estimated area of 7783 square miles. In the extreme south of the country, Myeik is set on the coast of a beautiful island on the Andaman Sea. The genuine charm of Myeik lies in its picturesque archipelago. Though Myeik is a small town, it is attractive and significant to the country. Historically, Myeik holds the long and proud marine history, and one of the best keepers of the colonial buildings in the Southeast Asia. There stand out the attractions of pagodas, shopping centers, offices, hotels, etc., to stop by. You might also want to buy some local souvenirs like the pearl, rubber, edible birds’ nest, dried prawn, Ngapi (shrimp paste) and more. These are the major livelihoods of the locals. Traveling to Myeik in Myanmar, people should find it inspiring to explore both the inland town and the archipelago. Myeik is a gateway to the 800 offshore islands. Myeik Archipelago is open for tourism via the enjoyable cruising.

What to See and Do in Myeik

Myeik Town

Myeik TownThe town is aesthetic with the eye-catching architecture and the bustling streets. There lie numerous beautiful buildings along the streets as well as the wooden houses and the colonial remnants. The first-time visitors might also find it incredible to step into the old merchant shops or the self-styled mansions. Running around the lovely town, you will find Myeik Fish Markets where to see the rich sea life including the blue legged lobsters, tuna, squid, crabs, crayfish, etc. The market sightseeing lets you feel how the local life is in some corners. 

The Theindawgyi Pagoda

The Theindawgyi PagodaThe town has the Theindawgyi Pagoda which functions as the traditional meeting place for the local people. From the town center, walk for 2 minutes up the hill to see the pagoda. From the hill, enjoy the panoramic view of the distant islands. Furthermore, the walking towards the nearby Mingalar Lake, the clock tower, the fire station with the old fire trucks, etc. 

Myeik Archipelago

Myeik ArchipelagoThe archipelago is a distant and gorgeous tourist trail, and most parts remain uncovered. It is always best to join the guided tour so that you discover the islands in a safe and knowledgeable manner. The primary and picturesque clusters of islands appeal to everybody while the wildlife encourages the exciting exploration. Via cruising, the passengers can expect to see some of 800 islands in various sizes.

Undoubtedly, each of the islands is just perfect for every aquatic activity, from diving to fishing, and everything in between. The untouched coral reefs cheer you up much while diving, and the abundant marine life stimulates your fishing joy. Also, the images of yachts and cruises scattering around the scenery are extraordinary.

So if you are on Myeik Archipelago, make sure to try out: 

Hiking through tropical valleys

The tropical forest in the archipelago is dense and lush all season. It is ideal for the real hiking experience. Once hiking through the dense greenness, you stay closest to nature and breathe the incredibly fresh air. That is a refreshing experience!

Kayaking through mangroves and up rivers

If feeling like kayaking, then find your kayak and enjoy the journey through mangroves and up rivers. It is the perfect activity for the thrill-seekers. They get the boundless opportunities to explore the wild nature. Also, the kayak might bring you to the isolated white-sand beaches. The stress-free discovery can let you see a wide range of wildlife, from the emerald doves to the eagles, and so forth.

Sorting out the most favorite islands

First, Lampi Island is where to see Myanmar’s first marine national park in 1995. This is the greatly popular island for any visitor to Myeik Archipelago. The island has the gifts of the rich biodiversity, mangrove, and coral reefs. So, diving and kayaking are the two most exciting activities in Lampi.

Second, Frost Island (or 115 Island) gains fame for the white-sand beach with the crystal clear water that you can see the untouched coral reefs, the sea urchins, and the colorful tropical fish through it. Admittedly, Frost Island is compatible for snorkeling, kayaking, and jungle trekking.

Third, Nyaung Wee Island is the residence of the Moken people. You see many Moken villages there, and it is the exciting experience to step into the Moken houses. Also, don’t forget to learn more about Moken people called as the Salone or the sea gypsies. They are one of Myanmar’s most distant ethnic groups. They live the nomadic, sea-base lifestyle, and are famous for the mastery of free diving. Generations of the Moken people have been training themselves to have the high visible focus under the water with the ability to hold their breath in the admirable length.

Fourth, Phi Lar Island has the strengths of the deserted, white sand, and palm-bordered beaches. What’s more, the untouched coral reefs are competent for snorkeling. Get immersed in the pure beaches of Phi Lar is one of the greatest things to do in Myeik.

Fifth, Myauk Ni Island brings you to a different part of the world in which some of the friendliest and most honest people live. The Islanders welcome the tourists with the smiles and great stories about their life. While the island is gorgeous and primeval itself, people are the highlights here.

How to Get to Myeik in Myanmar

By Air

Myeik is served by Myeik Airport. There are flights to Myeik from Yangon, Kawthaung, and Dawei. Please check with your Burma travel agents or the favorite airlines to check if any flight is available during your departure day! Then, from the Myeik Airport, take a taxi or tuk-tuk to reach the town center.

By Water

For reaching Myeik Archipelago, cruising is a single way. The cruise package providers will arrange the “special permit” for the international passengers to experience the multi-day on board. Please note that the foreigners are not currently allowed to come to the islands independently, and there are the naval patrols to check your credentials throughout the islands.

When to Visit Myeik in Burma

Myeik experiences the tropical monsoon climate, with the warm temperature all year round. But, there are two major seasons here.

  • December – February: This is the short winter period in Myeik. The cold and dry winter make the town more inspiring in some people’s eyes as it is coated in the beautiful white snow. If you can endure the coldness at night, come there to enjoy the New Year if possible. In fact, the archipelago is most beautiful during this period, with the constant wind and the calm sea.
  • March– November: This is the long wet season in Myeik. The weather features the torrential rain, especially from May to September. However, before the rain, the weather in Myeik is most suitable for cruising and sightseeing. March and April give Myeik the best charm with the clearest water and warm feeling, making it the best time to see Myeik. Then, from May to July, some strong onshore winds might come. If the condition gets worse with storms, the cruise to the Archipelago might not operate.