Myanmar Travel News

Mysterious, colorfully cultural and religious, Myanmar preserves a list of Myanmar Gazetted Holidays 2019 for new visitors to keep up-to-the-minute. The Burma Tours will be more special and memorable if you arrive at the country in the festive time. From January to December (except June and September), each month holds the interesting festivals in Myanmar […]

If you’re about to discover the Indochina charm in Burma, be up-to-the-minute to know top trendy things to do in Burma Tours 2019. Enjoying the most-current activities, your travel 2019 would be interestingly different from the others’ made in the previous years, for sure. Intriguing, ancient, and untouched, the country remains as attractive as is, […]

Myanmar has been re-opened to the World since 2011. Up to now, this country becomes more and more attractive to international guests who are fond of the local ancient towns, gilded temples, revered pagodas, and pristine beaches. The number of travelers to Myanmar increases every year, pushing the country itself to invest more in its tourism industry, […]

Burma (or Myanmar) is among the most undiscovered and appealing countries on this planet. While some people are fond of its history, cuisine, and tradition, the others are allured by the primitive nature, including the American citizens. People never feel bored during their travel to Burma from USA as there are various traits to unveil in […]

Myanmar (or Burma) has been remained untouched by the foreign tourists for ages, which make this country appealing to many curious souls. While the travel to Myanmar from Netherlands allows you to unveil the nation’s secrets of culture and religion, it also lets you admire many gilded temples and pristine nature. With thousands of the […]

Four people were killed, 68 stupas and temples in Bagan in Myanmar were destroyed during the powerful earthquake of 6.8 on the Richter scale. According to Myanmar Times, the Department of Sponsoring and Resettlement of Myanmar confirmed that there were 68 stupas and temples in Bagan which were destroyed; four people were killed by the […]

Recently, the city of Yangon in Myanmar has been selected as one of 12 most famous Asian cities. This selection was made by the website The Culture Trip. According to this site, Yangon is the Asian city that preserves its countless values ​​of culture, history, the rich cuisine or the masterpieces of the natural landscape. […]

Myanmar is the home to some of the most special ethnic groups in the world, and the Kayan is the every outstanding group to learn. You will be surprised much the first time you meet a Kayan woman who has the “long neck” covered by the brass neck coils. Get to Know the Kayan People […]

Ever wished to be treated as the Kings once in Myanmar? Ever wanted to stay in the luxurious cabin of the kinglike cruise? Ever thought that you deserve a reward for your hard-working time? If the answers all point to YES checkbox, just happily get yourself rewarded with the superior stay in The Anawrahta Cruise, […]