Situated at Thandwe and close to Yangon and running along the west coast of Myanmar, the tranquil Ngapali Beach is famous for the absolute peace and quietness where people come to rest perfectly. Arriving at Ngapali beach heaven, you can feast the eyes with the palm tree-fringed golden sandy beaches. The clear green seawaters here please almost any beach lover on the planet. Though the beach destination is typically peaceful and relaxing, there stand several exciting activities for you to enjoy such as sailing and windsurfing. What is more? The enchantment of Myanmar’s most ideal beach is not stopping at that. Let’s explore. 

Everything to Gather about Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach is the tourism pride of Myanmar that attracts a huge number of visitors worldwide every year. The beach is found in Rakhine and is 3km long. Though the Myanmar’s most famous beach is highly rated by the vacationers, it is not advertised as much as any other “competitor”. Anyhow, people still hear the fame of Ngapali Beach and come to explore its picturesque beauty. To serve the tourists, many resorts, hotels, and restaurants are built up such as Amata Resort, Bayview Ngapali, and Amazing Ngapali.

People who live in and around the Ngapali village take tourism for their major source of income. Therefore, they always welcome to tourists for all good reasons. From the Thandwe Airport, you can easily fly to Ngapali Beach. Some local airlines including Yangon Airways, Myanmar Airways, Air Bagan, and Air Mandalay are in charge of taking the tourists to the beautiful beach. Know that Ngapali is in the isolated spot, so the costs to reach the beach are not easily affordable! In return, you can enjoy the absolutely primitive charm of the beach without too many people around.

What to See and Do in Ngapali Beach Vacation

We list out some of the best tourist attractions in Ngapali Beach for your successful Myanmar Tours. First, visit The Pleasant View Islet BBQ Restaurant set on an islet where you have the wonderful view of the natural seascape while enjoying the tasteful BBQ.

And if you prefer being active, experience a boat trip (20,000 kyat per boat) to Pearl Island or snorkel at the fishing villages to enjoy the local fishing style. Become the thrill-seekers by biking to the black-sand island, Zalat Htone. Also, look for the hand-woven artifacts and ceramic pottery made from the clay in Rakhine and Kinmaw villages. More especially, there stand a gigantic golden Buddha on the hilltop at the ultimate south end of the beach. When you are on the top of the hill, you’re rewarded with the perfectly panoramic view of many fishing villages and the bay below. The view is worth noting in the lifetime. It’s matchless.

If you are stimulated to rest closely in the natural ambiance, simply laze in the shade of the large palm trees and go swimming to dip yourself in the clear, warm seawater. In the evening, it’s greatest to lie back to enjoy the romantic night sky that is now dotted with the tropical moon and the brilliantly shining stars. Before that, don’t miss the beautiful sunset by all means.

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