As one of the top destinations in Myanmar, Pindaya ignites the strong sense in the mysterious caves filled with thousands of Buddha images. If you now have just a few or even zero idea about Pindaya, be nimble-footed to grasp the needy information about the sacred spot in Myanmar! The secretive land and its cave will never disappoint you.

What Do You Know About Pindaya?

Pindaya is a town located in the west of the state in Pindaya Township, Taunggyi District, Shan State of Myanmar (Burma). The destination is predominantly famous for the limestone caves (Pindaya Caves) where include thousands of Buddha images consecrated for worshipping over decades. In Pindaya town, there stands what is called the itinerant market every fifth day. If you set foot on the town, don’t miss such special feature!

About the famous limestone caves, they are set deep in the hillsides. The caves are measured to include about 6000 Buddha images of various sizes. They are made of the white marble, bronze or plaster and covered with the gold leaf. The brilliant and respectful yellow scenes amaze you from the first sight in the caves. You pay US$3 to enter the caves.

At the entrance to the holy caves, there lies the 15m-tall Shwe U Min Pagoda. The Pagoda is where the annual religious festival takes place in February. It is the main festival for the Taungyo hill tribe, and also common for the Pa-O and Danu. The festive atmosphere is promoted with music, dancing, and the fairground appeals.

Besides the Pindaya Caves, Pindaya also gains fame for its impressive lakeside settings associated with the traditional Shan paper umbrellas. From the heart of Pindaya town, the tourists can pleasantly enjoy the 45-minute walk to reach the caves. Along the walking route, you will pass through the giant trees whose trunks and branches look unusual. Then, the walk from the caves to the town of Pindaya along the hillside feasts your eyes with the decent teak-built monastery.

Once you have arrived at the town, have a good rest in your hotels. The Pindaya Myanmar Tours will not stop at that. After resting, it’s time to explore the colonial-era buildings around the town. They are the exceptional backdrops for some of the best photos taken in the southeastern Asia.

What Is Necessary For Trekking Tours From Pindaya To Kalaw?

And if you love trekking, the long hike from Pindaya to Kalaw may totally fulfill your interest. The hills and tribal villages set on the colorful part of Shan State please even the fussiest trekkers. The quick interaction with the hill tribal locals will give you the absolutely new experiences. The tribal villagers like the Taungyo, Pa-O and Danu have their own languages and dresses that look different from the rest of the world.

Please note that the 3-day-2-night trekking tours from Pindaya to Kalaw cover no formal accommodation. Luckily, the monasteries are glad to welcomes the guests of all kind and gender for the night. They often serve you the hearty meals. Along your trekking tours to any part of the Shan hills, it’s rarely to find the locals that speak English. Therefore, it’s advisable to have a smartphone with GPS. Also, the pre-loaded maps are preferable.

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