Myanmar (or Burma) has been remained untouched by the foreign tourists for ages, which make this country appealing to many curious souls. While the travel to Myanmar from Netherlands allows you to unveil the nation’s secrets of culture and religion, it also lets you admire many gilded temples and pristine nature. With thousands of the gilded temples, this destination gains an interesting name as “Land of the Golden Temples.” In particular, more and more Citizens of The Netherlands have visited Myanmar.

What Myanmar feels proud of can be the impressive clusters of the gilded and revered temples. It is not a peculiar sight to see several antique temples hidden in the dense jungles, next to the primitive waterfalls, or the remote villages. Also, the age-old religious sites are present in even the busy city landscapes. Therefore, keep in mind that the tour packages to Myanmar are likely to include several outstanding temples of the land such as the majestic Shwedagon or the surprising Kyaiktiyo (the Golden Rock). Without a doubt, this Indochina country has more to offer, and you should expect to see the highlights of Yangon (Rangoon), Bagan, Inle Lake, Ngapali Beach, Myeik Archipelago, and more. Each of these attractive destinations covers several incredible sites to see.

Visa to Myanmar for the Citizens of The Netherlands

Visa to Myanmar for the Citizens of The NetherlandsThe Netherlands original passport holders are eligible to obtain a Myanmar Visa via one of the three ways below.

(1) Visit the nearest Myanmar Embassy in Netherlands to apply for the visa paper. Make sure you bring your original passport (has 6-month remaining validity before your entry date), visa application form, passport-sized photos, and cash to pay the visa fee in the office.

Myanmar Honorary Consulate General in Breda

Address: Overaseweg 96, 4836 BC Breda, Netherlands
Tel: (+31) (76) 520 9054 or(+31) (76) 531 73 17

(2) Take advantage of eVisa by visiting the official website of Myanmar Ministry of Immigration at Just follow the site’s instruction regarding filling in the visa application form for the tourists, pay the processing fee online, and receive the Approval Letter via email (around 2 working days). When you land at the Myanmar International Airport (Yangon, Mandalay, and Nay Pyi Daw) or the three overland entries of Thai-Myanmar (Mae Sai/Tachileik, Ranong/Kawthaung, and Mae Sot/Myawaddy), have the visa stamped and pay the stamping fee (by US dollars). Then, this tourist visa allows you to stay there 28 days. You must use the issued electronic Myanmar visa for Netherlands early as its validity is only three months.

(3) Contact an authentic travel agent and state that you need their invitation letter. Of course, it will cost the service fee. Then, you can get the “Myanmar Visa on Arrival Netherlands” when setting foot in the International airports in Burma.

Flights to Myanmar from The Netherlands

Flights to Myanmar from The NetherlandsWhenever you feel like Myanmar flight booking, go online to book the matching option. Indeed, there exist numerous alternatives. Claim that you start from Amsterdam Airport to reach Yangon Airport, it’s up to you to buy the tickets from Thai Airways (via Munich and Bangkok), Singapore Airlines (via Singapore), Vietnam Airlines (via Paris and Ho Chi Minh City), Emirates (via Dubai), and Korean Air (via Seoul). On the other hand, if your departure airports are Christchurch, Wellington, or Queenstown, check to see which airlines offer the routes to Mandalay Airport, for instance. You also need to consider the airfares if wanting to save some money. Just be the smart passengers!

Myanmar Tour Packages for the Dutch Travelers

Myanmar Tour Packages for the Dutch TravelersAfter booking the flight ticket, you assure yourself that you are about to visit Myanmar. Then, if you are not fond of traveling solo, it’s necessary to look for the travel agents’ services. The ideal travel package to Myanmar should take place at 8 – 12 days with the appealing itineraries. The significant things to be included in the itineraries should be any of these names: Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake, Ngapali Beach, Thandwe City, Kyaiktiyo, Myeik Archipelago, and Kalaw. Admittedly, there are many charming and pristine attractions in each of these must-see highlights. Check whether you love beaches or the holy atmosphere of thousands of temples. Say you appreciate nature, travel to Ngapali Beach or Myeik Archipelago. And if you cherish the awe-inspiring scenery, consider the glorious Bagan.

There are lots of things to do during the 8-day or 12-day Myanmar travel packages. In particular, Bagan is ideal for the memorable hot-air balloon trip over the myriads of the marvelous temples. Besides, the Inle Lake is reputable for the unique leg-rowing style, and the lake itself is clear, romantic, and tranquil. The fishermen who live around the Lake practice their exceptional traditions of rowing by one leg, and usually welcome guests with the happy, friendly smiles. When you step foot in Kalaw, make sure you begin trekking in this scenic hill town where offers the virgin settings for trekking. Also, stress seems to vanish when relaxing at the picturesque Ngapali Beach and then an exciting city tour to Thandwe. Each landmark in Myanmar promises to cheer you up during the tour days and nights.

In the mealtime, the Myanmar menu urges you to try some bits to evaluate the so-called Burmese dishes. Typically, the food presented in the round, low, and small table will include rice, soup, curry, and vegetables. There are many variations with lots of flavors and cuisine to experience. One note for you about the folded napkin in this country: people use it for wiping their lips and fingers after the meal. The good, knowledgeable guides might remind you about some delicate points between Netherlands and Myanmar.

Good Food in Myanmar for Foodies of The Netherlands

Good Food in Myanmar The majority of Burmese dishes are cooked with pork, chicken, fish, duck, and mutton. The main course can be served with additions of soups, salad, and vegetables. Regarding soups, the locals love to add it to the menu, and the popular soups should be sweet, sour, spicy, and the bean soup. The Myanmar cuisine also appreciates desserts. Mohinga (fish soup) is favorite nationwide while Thagu (tapioca and coconut pudding) and Kyauk Kyaw (seaweed jelly with coconut milk) are tasty enough to win the Dutch foodies’ praises.