Putao in Myanmar is famous as the picturesque, little town at the foot of the mighty Himalayan Foothills. Any trip to the north of Kachin State cannot be complete if you neglect the destination of Putao.

Foggy morning at the local food market, northern town of Myanmar

About Putao in Myanmar

Putao is the beautiful northernmost town of Kachin State, and the principal town in Putao Township, Myanmar. The town is surrounded by the magnificent mountain scenery. People can only reach the destination by road during the summertime, but the travel by air is feasible all year round. Putao itself gains fame for a variety of endemic birds as well as the exotic orchids, which develop naturally. In particular, the “Black Orchid” makes this spot attractive to the so-called orchid fanciers. The mountains in the east and west of Putao are propitious for the orchids to grow all year round. The ecotourism values in Putao are pristine and picturesque. Also, the location at the foot of Himalayan Hill showers Putao with the impressive look, leaning against the powerful mountain walls. Know that Himalaya peak is at the northern tip of Myanmar and ranked Southeast Asia’s tallest mountain with the height of 5,881m. The ascent of Himalaya is only possible to the most skilled and adventurous mountaineers, and the journey takes months full of challenges. In fact, the professional mountaineer worldwide usually take Putao the stop-over before they try to conquer the giant Himalaya. Together with the fascinating nature, this destination owns the precious ethnic traits. It is home to the ethnic Kachin and Lisu ethnic population. If traveling to Putao – Myanmar, feel free to read Myanmar Travel Tips and try out the activities of elephant trekking, mountain climbing, white-water rafting or adventurous skiing.

Cattle dealers in remote village in Putao, Myanmar

What to See in Putao

Putao Town

The beautiful town of Kachin State is predominantly reached by the air route. Only the local people get there by road during the summer. Coming to Putao, you will first admire the snow peaked mountains as well as the cool climate all year round. Without a doubt, the forest and mountain around Putao are full of the primeval flora and fauna. Moreover, the town itself is characterized by the traditional Kachin buildings and markets that evolve the rustic and lively feeling. The market zone is where to see many merchants, and especially the mountaineers who come to buy the necessary items to prepare for the day-and-night mountaineering. Admittedly, Putao town is also the stopover for the masters that want to conquer the legendary Himalaya.

World War II Fort

Just outside Putao Town, the old British World War II Fort Hertz remains as a historical attraction. Under the unprotected circumstance, the fort crumbles day after day. But it still teaches the later generations much about the hard War and the historical gatherings of the ancient intellectuals.

Kuang Mu Lone Pagoda

As one of the most antique pagodas in the north of Myanmar, this pagoda is worth to see. Kuang Mu Lone Pagoda is beautifully set on the east bank of Malikha River, which contributes much to the tourism in Putao. People tend to visit this religious site to do worshipping as well as sightseeing the green, fresh landscape. While the ancient pagoda architecture attracts the history lovers, the bank scenery allures the nature enthusiasts.

Khkakabo Razi National Park

In the north of Putao lies the Mt. Khkakabo Razi – the tallest snow-capped mountain in the Southeast Asia. The mountain sits in the foothills of Himalaya which becomes the appealing highlight of the land. The area around the grandiose mountain is ranked the National Park which protects the rich flora and fauna. The trip to Khkakabo Razi teaches you much about the grandeur of Nature. You have to admit that human is just a small part of such grand nature.

Mt. Phon Kan Razi

Amongst the most extraordinary mountains in Putao Township, Kachin State, then Mt. Phon Kan Razi has a solid position. The mountain is just perfect for the activities of hiking, mountaineering, and walking. The mountainous challenges appeal to the thrill-seekers all over the world. But if you’re afraid of the challenge, it is recreational to stay friendly to the primitive forests. The forested mountain area ensures you to find something fresh, interesting, and pristine to explore. What’s more, the bonus of the trip is about the cultural exploration of the indigenous hill tribes. Take your opportunities to watch how the local tribes preserve their tradition, culture, and lifestyle. There is much knowledge to put into your journaling. The charm of Phon Ran Razi also lies in its snow-capped appearance half the year. It is the fascinating snow-capped mountain background.

Mulashidi Bridge

This is a suspension bridge but very famous for stretching over the Malikha River. Standing on Mulashidi Bridge, you enjoy watching the crystal clear water, the lush forest, and nearby Lisu village. Located in the south of Putao Airport, this interesting bridge does attract many travelers who spend hours at the bridge viewing the sunset. The long wooden bridge is a rustic icon, and you might want to explore it during the day tour to Putao.


How to Get to Putao in Myanmar

As already mentioned, the travelers can only reach Putao by air route. There are the domestic flights to Putao Airport from Yangon, Mandalay, and Myitkyina. So, check if your place has the direct flight to Putao! Get your tickets and begin the journey to this town surrounded by the snow-capped mountains – Putao! Once you’ve arrived at the Airport, take the local transfer services to reach the desired town. Advisably, you’d better use the taxi or bus service.

When to Visit Putao

Putao experiences the monsoon-affected humid subtropical climate. The average temperature of the area is 13 Celsius degree, and August seems to be the hottest month when it reaches 26 Celsius degree. Note that when the snow comes, the temperature can even be below the freezing point! Therefore, make sure you bring the enough warm clothes to fight against the freeze.

Foggy morning at the local food market

The Putao town at the foothill of Himalaya is spectacular and cool all year round, but if you question about the best time to go, here are some possible answers:

  • January – April: People say this is the best period to see Putao. According to the seasoned travelers, January is the ideal month to see a variety of butterflies in the icy forest, not to mention lots of other fauna. Some of the endangered butterflies for your reference include Kaiser, Apollo, Bhutan, Glory, and Birdwings. About the flora, take notice of the bamboos, the orchids, and Maple trees as there are best found from January to April. The healthy ecology system in Putao is highly precious and appealing. While the icy forest is home to the rich, endangered flora and fauna, the snow-capped mountains encourage the thrill-seekers or the passionate mountaineers to conquer them.
  • May – December: This period mostly gives Putao some rain, especially from June to September. The other monks are somehow influenced, maybe not ideal for exploring the town. Note that there are just a limited number of foreigner-licensed hotels in Putao, and they require you to book in advance. But, if the weather gets bad, the hotels will be closed. Therefore, please check before you go! Due to the security matter, people should always reach Putao by air.

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