Ngwe Saung is one of the most reputable beaches that almost any tourist comes to visit any time they arrive at Myanmar. The beautiful beach is settled in the Bay of Bengal, the west of Myanmar. Since “Ngwe” means silver, the beach itself is most famous for the silvery sand here. You will soon inevitably fall in love with the beach’s cleanliness and tranquility right the first time you walk here. The silvery sandy beach gives the brave guests the rewarding experiences that are matchless.

Ngwe Saung Beach, Myanmar Has Many to Offer the Tourists

What make the Ngwe Saung Beach so radiant are the rows of the coconut and palm trees. Meanwhile, lots of wild birds (eagle and silver head falcon) here proves the fact that the beach is very quiet and peaceful. On the sand of the silvery beach, also expect to see many read and hermit crabs.

Besides the heavenly seascape and the silvery sand, Ngwe Saung also pleases the guests with the other natural essentials namely the Rakhine Mountain Range. You can trek up the range and explore the forest to see the native charm of the land.  Nowadays, the modern amenities are constructed to support the travelers that make Ngwe Saung a hot destination for the small-budget tourists who come to Myanmar to relax and relive. In the modern senses, you all can enjoy the relaxing nighttime activities on the beach. Don’t think of bars, discos or anything else like that here. Remember that this beach is noiseless! Close by the region is the elephant training camp, the major daytime highlight of Ngwe Saung.

When you want to rest, simply relax on the beach! Otherwise, you can hire a bicycle or a car to access the spa nearby. There stand a wide array of resorts, hotels, restaurants, and villages for the tourists to explore all year around such as See Sar, the Emerald Sea Resort, Sunny Paradise, Myanmar Treasure, the Bay of Bengal, and Pearl Beach Resort Hotel. The music and dance in the Bay of Bengal indulge almost any visitor. It sounds like you are gathering at the laid-back venue where covers no tension or trauma.

They can visit the Beach of Ngwe Saung whenever they have days off and their mind power permits them to go. It is the endless and tranquil white sandy beach that is ideal for both singles and couples. Perhaps, you will find the love of your life here. Who knows? Just enjoy your quiet time, relax, and be yourself! Contact the Myanmar tour operator to update best rate resorts on site !

In Sum, What Activities to Enjoy In Ngwe Saung Beach, Myanmar

The beach vacation in Ngwe Saung will never lack peace, comfort, and pleasure. Sightseeing, swimming, resting, sunbathing, walking…on the silvery sandy beach are very common among the tourists. But know that your Ngwe Saung Tour is not just only that! You can enjoy shopping the painted umbrellas, visiting the Elephant Camp, Lover’s Island, Kyauk Maumghnama Pagoda, eating seafood, playing aquatic sports, etc. Anyhow, the best things to do are sitting back and enjoy the sun’s rays as well as the panoramic beach views.

So now, relax and relive away from the city life! The best time to travel is from March to May, but today is also the good time to fly as Ngwe Saung Beach features the year-round relaxation.