How to Be a Seasoned Tourist in Myanmar – Understand the Locals
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Though you have not visited Myanmar yet, there are ways how to be a seasoned tourist in Myanmar by reading the following post which explains top things that others discover about the Burmese and their customs. You get to know that Burmese men really like wearing slippers and both men and women can put “Thanakha” powder on faces to protect the skin.

#1: The Burmese Characteristics

The native Burmese are friendly, kind-hearted, slow-paced, and love visiting pagodas. They believe this moral concept: “better begging than stealing.” Beside the habit of eating betel nut, the locals of all ages and genders put “Thanakha” powder on the faces to protect the skin. Thanakha Myanmar is a yellowish-white cosmetic paste produced from ground bark; this is a cultural trait of Myanmar and travelers often try applying the powder to their faces to be Burmese-like for photography. Often, village girls have Thanakha on their faces that attract foreigners to take pictures and make-up alike.

What’s more, Burmese men are likely to wear slippers throughout the year, even though they are wearing vests or other formal clothes for wedding parties. Only officers and soldiers wear shoes. So, in the daily activities, you will meet the familiar image of slippers worn almost everywhere by local men in Myanmar.

#2: The Burmese life

The national drink in Myanmar is tea-mix (a kind of light tea mixed with fresh milk and honey). You can easily buy packages of tea-mix in local markets that visitors can get as gifts for the loved ones at home.

The national electricity is quite weak, so local restaurants and hotels have their own generators. The markets open at 9:00 AM and close at 4:00 PM because it will be out of electricity at 5:00 PM. The nightlife in this enigmatic country is simple. There are only coffee shops, snacks and milk tea shops, but the night market is exciting enough to join, with various Burmese food and drinks.

#3: The “Golden Land” with numerous golden pagodas and temples

Known as the “Golden Land” thanks to the gilded pagodas and temples, Myanmar owns approximately 10,000 religious sites built in the 10th – 14th century, the most are in Bagan. And, Bagan itself covers around 2,000 temples which are all ancient, mystic, and consecrated. Most of the pagodas in Myanmar are gold-plated and decorated with diamonds or precious stones. The Buddha statues become bigger and bigger as Buddhists keep adding gold leaves to the images when praying.

#4: Go barefoot when entering pagodas in Myanmar

Upon your arrival at the entrance of the pagoda, it is a must to remove the shoes and socks; it means you’ve to go barefoot when visiting the sacred places, and this rule is applied to everybody, with no exception. Even the polices who safeguard the pagodas during festivals are all “barefoot and bare-head” when doing their services. The fee for keeping your shoes/slippers/sneakers outside of the religious centers is 1.000 kyats. You can also get a bag to take your shoes along.

#5: Pagoda visit is best in the morning or the late afternoon

Travel to Myanmar, you should have the pagoda visit in the early morning or the late afternoon to avoid the scorching heat which can discomfort your bare feet. Besides, remember to bring wet wipes to clean the feet after the visit. Another significance is about your dressing; make sure you dress politely because the sexy garments, too-short skirts, too-sleazy cloths, etc., are not allowed to enter the temples. This case, you have to buy “Longyi” to cover the lower part of the body.

Being mindful of these cumulative points, you’re able to go as the seasoned travelers who know what to do and how to enjoy the most out of the Myanmar tours.