Special Modes of Transportation in Myanmar
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Myanmar stands out with many stunningly spectacular pagodas, thrilling activities, and special festivals that will amaze and impress the visitors. Without a doubt, its transportation system is no exception, too. From off-road tuk-tuks to overnight buses and train rides, the ways of getting around the country seem to be limitless.

Since 2009, the Myanmar Government has prohibited the locals driving motorcycles inside the city with the aim of reducing overcrowding and congestion. For that reason, ways of transportation in the country becomes unique and even weird. As one of the major cities in Myanmar, Yangon impresses travelers by not only its tourist attractions but also its special traffic in comparison with many other countries around the world. Follow Burma Travel Tips – let’s see how special the modes of transportation in Myanmar are.

#1: Be surprised at the dominance of public vehicle

Due to the prohibition of riding motorcycles inside the city, public transports are very common and popular for the locals. Especially, buses and passenger cars become their favorite modes of transportation. Although those ways of transport are suspension-less and dusty without modern air-conditioners while passengers must also suffer from stuffy experiences, the costs are really cheap. The first-time tourists can be shocked by an image in which some of the locals even cling to the door or sit on the roof of the car dangerously.

The train from Mandalay to Myitkyin, Burma

The train from Mandalay to Myitkyin, Burma

#2: Get to know the pick-up trucks

The most useful and popular vehicle in Myanmar is the pick-up truck. Generally, the rear truck includes 2 rows of seats which are just capable of accommodating 10 to 12 passengers. Of course, the remaining ones have to stand during the route, even if the number of passengers is overloaded. Never expect a comfortably empty ride at all! That’s because drivers tend to wait until the truck is swarmed with people before departing from more popular locations. Besides, to save time, many young locals and tourists accept clinging to the truck or having stuffy experiences. And, passengers still have to pay about 200 kyats for one route, whether they are standing or sitting. In general, these vehicles are quite convenient and functional for short distances. However, prepare the mindset that you’ll have nerves of steel if traveling more than 1 hour.

Pick-Up Truck in Myanmar

Pick-Up Truck in Myanmar

#3: Explore Yangon by a cyclo ride

The cyclo ride in Yangon is very popular. This mode of transport is quite cheap, environment-friendly, and special when you view the slow-paced lifestyle of the locals. It’s a common scene to see many locals drinking tea in the morning either in front of their houses or in the tea shops along the streets. This is the effective way for the tourists to get around Yangon. Also, the Burmese people often use it to go shopping or move to other nearby places. Cyclo ride experience is quite often included in Yangon Tours.

A tricycle is waiting for passnger in Yangon

A tricycle is waiting for passnger in Yangon

#4: Call a taxi or hire car

On a whole, taxi usually comes in a variety of different forms and this means of transport are inexpensive and plentiful in most major towns and cities. Plus, hiring cars with a driver may also become the most convenient way to move between certain destinations, although they certainly come at a price. One thing that leaves a strong impression on visitors is that using the taxi service is cost by the amount of travel time. As usual, the precise timer in the taxi will calculate the distance run from the starting point to the final destination. However, everything is different in Burma. That means the drivers will charge their visitors over time. And an hour generally costs from 8 to 10 thousand kyats.

Taxis in Myanmar can be found almost everywhere, and the drivers are quite friendly and enthusiastic with their passengers. They are not hesitant to suggest to the tourists the most convenient route so that they can avoid congestion or missed flights.

So, you get to know some popular modes of transportation in Myanmar which becomes handy for any next tour package to Myanmar. Go to see the Golden Land in which the memories are as precious as gold!

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