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Nyaung Shwe becomes touristy with the second largest natural lake in Myanmar – Inle Lake. More and more holidaymakers have stopped by this impressive lake and even stay overnight there to see what others rumor about the Nyaung Shwe nightlife that covers no club, no disco, or no karaoke lounge. When the night falls, people will not hear the boisterous music in some corners of the laid-back region.  Luckily, there are still some interesting traits to note down about the nightlife in Inle Lake. You may find it simple yet special.

Simple life activities of the Intha people in Inle Lake after sunset

The inhabitants of Inle Lake are called the Intha, and the most iconic feature of this area is the leg-row Intha fishermen: they drive the flat-bottom boat by using one leg holding around the oar to row, and the other leg is used to stand on the stern so that they get the better view over the reeds. Such boating habit has made the image of the Intha fishermen very special in the newcomers’ eyes.

When the sun sets on Inle Lake, it’s time for the Intha fishermen to come back to the shore after the hard-working day. People love photographing that majestic moment. Meanwhile, the townsfolks illuminate their houses by the lights or the candles, and then the wives begin cooking supper for their families. So, if you experience the homestay in Inle Lake, the nightlife should be all around these simple yet warm things.

Gastronomic delight and entertainment in Nyaung Shwe Hotels

Travelers who rest in the town’s hotels and resorts can expect to join the energetic parties and cultural shows. The interesting events are held to entertain the guests as well as sharing with them the Myanmar culture, custom, and tradition. Obviously, the festive atmosphere in the destined hotels is exciting enough to cheer up the party souls. Here are the ideal hotels and resorts in Nyaung Shwe for you to indulge at night.

First, Hotel Amazing Nyaung Shwe offers the amazing zone for relaxation. At night, there should be the traditional Shan/Intha dance performance as well as the boat racing activity upon the customer’s request. Besides, the foods and drinks in this hotel are fantastic. And if you want to wander around the hotel area, you will come across lots of attractive architectural sites to capture.

Second, the upscale Inle Princess Resort has the cultural shows to entertain the guests. In the luxurious and sophisticated design, this resort ensures you never to fall asleep because there stand lots of stirring cultural night activities on the stage to watch and the delicious Burmese foods in the attractive dining area to try. The evening hours in Inle Princess Resort, the most luxurious resort in Nyaung Shwe, will be surely full of joy and fun.

Third, Paramount Inle Resort is usually included in the wish list of the travelers. Here, you see the real Nyaung Shwe nightlife in which you reside similar to the Intha people: living in the stilted houses. Upon your request, the traditional Shan/Inthar cultural shows and the boat racing ceremony will be arranged right in this elegant resort zone. Plus, the Burmese foods in this resort are scrumptious for the perfect gastronomic delight.

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