Myanmar has long been the big homeland of the absolute nature, the golden temples and pagodas, the romantic beaches, and more. The enigmatic and beautiful country assures that you feel satisfactory to travel, rest and play here. In fact, there is the countless number of activities for the so-called tourists to get entertained in Myanmar, and the three stand out are swimming, scuba diving, and white water rafting. These are the greatly engaging activities that you should always try at least once whenever you travel to this mysterious country.

#1: Swimming in Myanmar to get immersed in the clear blue sea

Thanks to the gifted lakes and beaches, Myanmar offers the ideal spots for you to be immersed in the transparent water. The activity of swimming is best invested in Ngapali Beach, Ngwe Saung Beach, and Inle Lake. Even though some of the Burmese beaches have long been dedicated to the holidaymakers for a long period, they remain untouched and spectacular. Within the Southeast Asian region, the beaches in Myanmar offer the warm sea and the primitive white sand.

In the beautifully inspirational seascape, you can enjoy staying closest to nature. What could be more wonderful than swimming and relaxing on the exquisite beaches? You get the ultimate enjoyment here.

#2: Scuba Diving in Myanmar to be the free divers

Scuba diving is the increasingly popular activity in Myanmar today. In reality, the scuba diving opportunities at both Ngapali and Ngwe Saung beaches are unlimited, and you can comfortably arrange for it through the local hotel. Especially, right in the Ngwe Saung Beach, it’s preferable to hire a boat associated with the scuba equipment to discover the underwater paradise of Myanmar beautified with the colorful coral reef. Besides, the sea life in the beach itself and the nearby islands in the Bay of Bengal is worth a forever experience.

If you further move to the south to reach the Myeik Archipelago in the Andaman Sea, you find one of the world’s true wildernesses. With more than 800 islands, the archipelago enables you to dive in the endless manner. Also, just become the free divers someday in Kawthaung, the southern tip of Myanmar, so that you stay clear of trauma and anxiety. The time, money, and effort are all well-invested in the Burmese seascape and sea life.

#3: White Water Rafting in Myanmar to fulfill your adventurous spirit

In the wholesomely wild ambiance preserved in the Himalaya far north around Putao, the aqua activity of white water rafting is favored by many thrill-seekers. Along with that, the untouched islands of the Andaman Sea provide the ideal spots for both the amateur and the seasoned players to enjoy rafting.

And if you are eager for the serious trekking and challenging rafting, it’s smart to stop by the Nam Lang and May Kha Rivers. In the boundless manner, you discover the pristine lakes and some tribal areas as expected ever. What’s more, the night camping in any spot of Myanmar lets you see how the local life is operated daily through the homestay experience. You can also choose to rest in the permanent mountainous and exotic lodges to avoid the life congestion.

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