Tips about What to Do in Small Group Tours Burma
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Burma (or Myanmar) is amongst the most mysterious Indochina country to discover, and tips about what to do in small group tours Burma are so important that netizens keep searching for. The tips will empower people not to miss travel to Burma whenever the chance comes.

Read Some Top Burma Small Group Tours in the market

It becomes quite easy today to book the ideal Burma small group tours that offer the carefully designed itineraries for people to enjoy sightseeing of the best attractions as well as the group activities. You can come across the top options of Classic Myanmar Adventure (to Yangon, Bago, Bagan, Kalaw, and Inle Lake), Burma Legend Family (to Yangon, Bagan, Mt Popa National Park, and Ngapali), etc. Often, Burma tours for the small-sized group take tourists to the best destinations and places of interest that the independent goers might miss. Therefore, you just need to search for some top Burma packages designed for the groups of 10-15 passengers, read the itineraries, and select the ones that best fit.

Keep in Mind the Dos and Don’ts in Burma

Burma is a culturally Mahayana Buddhist country that expects travelers to follow some norms and traditions closely related to the local religion. Knowing the dos and don’ts, you are able to make your way through the destination with a good impression on the locals.

What to do in Burma are to learn two basic words which help show your goodwill when you are in the country: “Mengalaba” means Hello and “Chesube” means Thank you. Besides, you are welcomed to wear Burmese clothes such as Longyi (for women) and Pasu (for men) and take pictures to record the interesting Burmese-like moments. It is also encouraging to try several local customs like the putting Thanaka makeup and chewing betel nut (Kun-ya). Regarding Thanaka, it is a white paste produced from tree bark and painted on cheeks and nose as an effective sunblock. What’s more, let’s ask for permission before taking photographs of the locals and respect their religious customs.

What not to do in Burma are to take pictures of the meditating monks or touch a monk’s robe. And, not to disturb the praying people in the pagodas, not to touch anybody’s head and not to sit with the feet pointing at a person, a Buddha statue, or a religious relic. Furthermore, do not show affection in public which means no hugs and kisses when you are around by the Burmese. To show that you are a responsible traveler, please not to buy any wildlife products especially the ones made from ivory or animal skin. Also, remember that religious antiques are prohibited to be taken out of the country.

Travel to Burma in Small Group Tour

Travel to Burma in Small Group Tour

Come prepared with the seasoned traveler’s reviews about Burma small group tours

You might or might not know members in the small group tours Burma, but don’t worry as the so-called tourists all want to enjoy their trips. So, be open-minded, laugh, and have fun. There will be more than one member in the group that are the experienced travelers who know more about the destinations than you. Perhaps, you’ll hear that “Ngapali Beach is better than Phuket” or “Bagan is like Angkor Wat but without crowds.” So you see, it’s interesting to make friends during the small group vacations. Contact the Burma Travel Specialist at to plan your trip!

This tip also directs you to read the online reviews about Burma tours for small groups that you are about to select. The assessment of the services will help partly secure your experiences with the tour operators and the words of recommendation will set the tone for the coming trips. When you return from the Burmese travel, it’s your turn to give feedback and tell the world whether or not the packages are worth enjoying.