Myanmar is a friendly country with the very kind residents – that is the concrete belief that the tourist communities all over the world have been sharing. So if you are going to do the solo female travel in Myanmar, just feel safe. And, the journey will be greater and smoother with several applicable tips. Keep the following in mind.

#1: Dress modestly

As Myanmar is a Buddhist country, women seem to be treated with respect, and sexual harassment is quite rare. However, for the best benefits, you should always dress politely to avoid any single risk. As you’re going solo, please say NO to the skirts above the knees and the spaghetti-strap singlets. Rather, a good outfit for a girl traveling in Myanmar includes the T-shirts, vest tops, and the baggy trousers or the long jeans.

The modest attires are perfectly acceptable on the streets as well as the temples and pagodas throughout the country. It’s a key to have your shoulders and knees covered. The solo female travelers also need to know about the Myanmar longyi (the sarong-style bottom garment) which is available to buy or hire at some religious sites.

#2: Do not enter the not-allowed places

In some certain regions of Myanmar, the female travelers need to keep eyes on the signposts warning that “women are not allowed” or something like that. For instance, the ladies cannot go up to the altars or to the decks around the stupas. In the well-known and shining Golden Rock, only the men can touch the holy Rock. Right in Mandalay’s Mahamuni Paya, women are not permitted to apply the gold leaf on the Buddha images. In most cases, watch for the signposts so that you will never get into the unexpected troubles because of breaking the local rules of religion.

#3: Do not touch the monks

The ladies should never touch the monks in Myanmar by all means – this is the big taboo. Therefore, if you have to give an object to a monk in this country, please place it in a distance that he can reach. Try not to touch his hands or any body part. If possible, ask a man nearby to handle it to the monk.

#4: Take the local train during daytime

Using the local train during the daytime will bring lots of valuable benefits. It’s when the trains are cheap, enjoyable, and authentic to witness the local lifestyle. Also, the day views are extremely scenic and engaging. You have no worry when taking this public mode of transport in the daytime. When it comes to the nighttime, do not use the train service anymore because the vehicle will be filled with lots of flying insects. Also, the view at night from the train is not interesting at all.

Take the train from Hsipaw to Pyin Oo Lwin

Take the train from Hsipaw to Pyin Oo Lwin

#5: Head to the local supermarket to buy personal hygiene items

Instead of wandering aimlessly, try to specify the location of the nearest supermarkets to buy the necessary items. This will help you to use the most of your time. If you forget to bring tampons or else, one ideal place to get them is the Yangon’s City Mart Supermarket. Due to the places of interest that you settle in Myanmar, check for the addresses of the supermarkets in advance. Besides, choose the accommodation places with proximity to the shopping areas.

The top 5 tips above will turn to be very helpful when you actually set foot on Myanmar during the solo exploration. Go with an open mind and the handy tips, you’re guaranteed to experience one of the most enthralling trips in a lifetime. The tours to Myanmar and time spent with the friendly Burmese people will shower you with nothing but sweet memories.

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