Tips for Travel to Myanmar in Thingyan Festival
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Myanmar is one of the most enigmatic countries in the world, with over 90% of the population are Buddhists. The country preserves many valuable traditions, including their unique Thingyan – the Burmese New Year Festival or Water Festival which is closely related to Buddhism. The festival often falls around mid-April (13 to 16 April), with a period of four days. Take notes together with Burma Tour Operator !

Thingyan Water Festival in Myanmar

On the event of Thingyan, the Burmese people celebrate it by dousing each other with water, meaning to eliminate the badness cumulated throughout the past year in order to welcome the New Year with the clean, pure body and mind. Closely related to Buddhism, this festival is held in the solemn atmosphere beside the enjoyable moments of watering the others to give them good luck.

In the past, the Burmese had to prepare the fragrant water cooked from various kinds of flowers and placed the water vessels before their houses during the festival. A different kind of water was used per day. But now, people enjoy the New Year Water Festival in Myanmar by using the water guns to water each other, even the passersby. Being wet means you can steer clear of dust and badness of the past to join the New Year in the pure ready status.

Smiling Asian boy holding a blue bucket filled with water at the Burmese Thingyan Festival

Tips to Enjoy Thingyan in Myanmar to the Fullest


  • Use the water-resistant bags to protect your mobile phones or any item that you do not want them to get wet. The festival participants are likely to throw water to every passer who they see on the streets, whether or not you want to be doused. Therefore, you have an intention to appear in the festive areas, it’s better to put the need-to-be-protected items in the water-resistant bags.
  • Keep eyes on the important belongings namely your passports, ID cards, cameras, cash, jewelry, and something valuable like this, if you bring them together. Whenbeing on the crowded and bustling streets, make sure you can manage to protect them. The experience might turn to be awful if you lose the preferred bracelets or the indispensable passports. So, for all good reasons, leave the significant things in the hotels or store them in the protective and under-observation bags.
  • Use the public transport to reach the festive areas because the traffic will mostly get stuck due to the huge crowds of participants. You will not want to face traffic jam on the way to the cities where the dynamic Thingyan Water Festival is about to occur. So, use the buses and tuk-tuk instead!
  • Smile and enjoy the festive atmosphere. Just put your life worry behind the back or elsewhere to join the exciting festival to the fullest. As there is not much room for monotony, let yourself be free to be a part of the joyful event and wait for many nice surprises!
  • Don’t throw water to the monks, the elders, children, and the motorbike drivers! The festival participants are likely to douse everybody on the streets, so if you get drunk, don’t drive to avoid causing accidents.
  • Say NO to the unclean water and the ice Remember the golden principle “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” In that sense, there is no reason to throw the polluted water to the others because this is the sign of offense which can drive to fighting.
  • Learn how to say “HAPPY NEW YEAR” in the Burmese language namely “hnitthitkumingalar pa.” Exchanging the good words during the New Year Event is the beautiful thing to do, indeed.

Whether you are keen on the Thingyan Water Festival or the gilded and revered pagodas in this enigmatic land, start planning a travel to Myanmar from now on. The country holds some secrets for you to unveil, excitingly.

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