Myanmar owns an antique city of Bagan dotted with thousands of the Buddhist temples and pagodas. People often have Bagan on the top of their vacation lists, hoping to witness the golden land of Buddhism, touch the ancient heritages, and cherish the mind-blowing structures. If you are planning on the temple visit, here are some tips to bear in mind.

#1: Study the local map to chart your route for the preferred temple visit

There is no fixed route to get around the temples and pagodas in Bagan Tours as there are up more than two thousand. Due to the mode of transport, it’s best to learn the local map first and then chart your preferred route to the destination. Try to pick up the places of interest in the order of proximity to one another so that you make the most of your time. Anyhow, don’t miss the top things to see in Bagan namely Ananda Temple, Shwezigon Paya, and Shwe Sandaw Pagoda.

#2: Rent an electric bicycle to get around

As there are many top sites to see in a distance, going on foot might not be recommended. Instead, hire an e-bike to get around the destinations is listed as one of best things to do in Bagan. The rental fee is just around USD$5/day. At present, the electric bicycle is the most convenient and fastest mode of transport to discover Bagan to the fullest. Besides, think of the horse cart and car rental if wanted.

#3: Know Bagan Archaeological Zone pass

The entry fee to the temples is covered in the Bagan Archaeological Zone pass which costs around USD$18 and needs to be paid upon arrival. It’s significant to carry the pass with you at all times. In some of the most visited temples, there are the tour guides who talk about the history and architectural traits of the sites but note that several of them are the local people. If possible, take time reading about the religious venues prior to the actual visit. Besides, join the local tours to learn more information about the temples of interest.

#4: Have a list of the major temples

The glorious city covers the mind-blowing highlights of Ananda Temple, Shwezigon Paya Bu Paya Pagoda, Shwe Sandaw Pagoda, Khayminga Temple, and Dhammayangyi Temple. Amongst these, Ananda is the best-preserved temple in the region and also the top-of-the-top religious center which contributes to the admirable pictures of Buddhism in the whole Myanmar.

#5: Understand What to Wear to Visit Bagan Temples and Pagodas

No matter how old and crumbling the ruins in Bagan are, they are still the religious sites which are honored by the whole world. Therefore, the visitors need to dresses politely if they want to enter the heritage. While women should have their shoulders and knees covered, men should also follow the rules of the polite attires. Regarding the shoes and socks, they have to be taken off and left outside the religious sites upon entry. Do not enter the pagodas and temples while wearing the shoes! This might result in the harsh penalty. You can also check with Burma Tour Operator for further information.

#6: Use Google Maps if you want to see the unmarked temples in Bagan

There are several buried-in-the-jungle religious ruins around the land that are not marked on the paper maps. Therefore, if you want to figure out the names and the locations of the unmarked temples, then a smart solution is to use the Google Maps. The app is very handy in Bagan and will inform you of the names of the worthy sites which are not seen on the paper maps given by the hotels.

Put these Tips to Visit Temples in Bagan Myanmar and cherish more than 2000 awe-inspiring wonders. The destination has the real marvels to contemplate.

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