Myanmar delivers dozens of the nicely memorable experiences to the tourists worldwide. While some guests relish the beauty technique of Thanaka powder, the others find it interesting to wear Longyi, eat tea salad, and so forth. Let’s discover the top 10 things that people remember long about Myanmar with Myanmar Tour Operator !

#1: The morning tea

From the crowded streets of Yangon to the countryside roads, almost everywhere in Myanmar has the friendly tea shops. There, the servants skillfully move through the little wooden stools and tables to pour the tea into the cups. The morning tea in Myanmar is the beautiful trait of culture that the guests find it hard to forget. The fragrant and fine taste of the local tea is the best remedy to start the productive days.

#2: Cruising on Irrawaddy River

Irrawaddy (or Ayeyarwady) is the longest river in Myanmar, offering the fantastic cruising destination. When you are on board, take time sightseeing the peaceful countryside lifestyle of people on the riversides. This activity gives a glimpse of the authentic Burmese life. According to most visitors, without a day of cruising on Irrawaddy River, you cannot understand the actual lifestyle of the locals as well as the picturesque beauty of the land.Anawrahta cruise sun deck

#3: The tea salad

Together with the morning tea, the tea salad makes it clear that tea plays the indispensable role in the Burmese cuisine. Eating tea is also the unique cultural trait that might be only found in this enigmatic land. The main ingredient of this salad must be the fresh tea leaves which are processed and mixed with slices of cabbages, tomatoes, beans, garlic oil, garlic, and chili. All create the special salad and the unforgettable taste.

#4: The miraculous Golden Rock

The shining Golden Rock set on the steep hill is unique in Myanmar. It’s impossible to find it elsewhere. The miraculous Rock and Kyaiktiyo Pagoda become the magnetic pilgrimage sites for the visitors worldwide coming to do homage and pray for the best. You will marvel how the gilded Rock can stand still on the steep hill. Legendarily, this is thanks to the Buddha’s hair enshrined. You will never forget the magnificence of Golden Rock in Myanmar.

Kyaiktiyo pagoda at dusk

#5: The Beauty Technique of Thanaka

As the cosmetic paste made from ground bark, Thanaka has long played the important roles in the Burmese women’s life. It helps them to avoid sunburn and nurture the skin. In every morning, the women and children in Myanmar keep the habits of putting the Thanaka on their faces. You might be surprised at the yellowish-white strokes on their faces, but believe that this is the beauty secret to keep their facial skin cool and soft during the scorching days.

Burmese women with thanaka paste on their faces going to local market

Burmese women with thanaka paste on their faces going to local market

#6: Longyi

Longyi is the traditional costume for both men and women in Myanmar. While men wear the dark-colored longyi, women choose the brightly-colored one. If you have put Thanaka on the cheeks, then the next step is to wear the longyi to look Burmese-like. Do remember to take the nice pictures of your Burmese-like appearance.

#7: The “chocolate of Myanmar”

The yellow palm candies are the delicacies of the land that most oversea tourists would love to chew. The candies are topped with sesame or white coconut slices are the fantastic “chocolate” to delight your palate. The sweet and fragrant candies can function as the desserts which you might want to have more and more. Don’t be reluctant to buy some packets of the Burmese chocolates to chew along the way.

#8: The off-the-beaten-track countryside area of Shan State

The Shan State of Myanmar owns peaceful countryside roads for you to unwind. Invest the early morning in wandering around the remote villages, you enjoy the true simple yet happy lifestyle. Sometimes, it’s interesting to see the flocks of water buffalos on the extensive green fields. If you want to escape the bustling city life, then the stay in the off-the-beaten-track areas of the Shan State gives the inner peace to get refreshed.

Daily life in Mrauk U, Myanmar

Daily life in Mrauk U, Myanmar

#9: The exceptional markets

The other authentic channel to experience the real Burmese life is the local market. There you see how busy the local merchants prepare the products on their stalls, how the customers select each fresh fish, etc. The busy market vibe in Myanmar encourages you to discover almost every corner to find the fruits, fish, food, souvenirs, fabric, and more. In particular, Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon is the excellent venue to roam around and buy the local jewelry, textiles, or handicrafts. Besides, it’s a nice experience to chat with the generous merchants to experience the Burmese friendliness. And if you are in Naypyidaw, just do not miss Myoma Market – the most tourist-known market in the capital city. But if you prefer the rural taste market, then trace for some remote sites in Mandalay, or you can head to the Jade Market in Mandalay to see how the jade is being cut, shaped, and polished.

#10: Thingyan Water Festival

Celebrated in April – the hottest month of the year, Thingyan Water Festival is dedicated to showing respect to the Buddha. It is also the occasion for people to come together, have fun, and water each other as the sign of luck. The 4-day festival is very exciting, and the place with the most carnival-like atmosphere is Naypyidaw where people use water guns and whatever tool to douse the others, symbolizing the act to eliminate the past badness and welcome the New Year in the pure status.  The experiences in Myanmar Thingyan are so interesting and joyful that none wants to forget. At that time, you do nothing but smile and enjoy the festive zones where monotony has no space. Whether you are the participants or just the passersby, being watered much or little on the lively streets of Thingyan is great.Get more tips on Traveling to Myanmar during Thingyan Water Festival !

Thingyan Water Festival

Thingyan Water Festival

The tourists might have more other memorable experiences in Myanmar than the 10 ones listed above. And come to see if you can figure out the other fantastic aspects of this enigmatic and engaging country. After the trip, the impressive photo albums will become the treasures when you want to call back the sweet memories in Myanmar.

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