Top 10 Reasons Why to Visit Myanmar Now
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Myanmar (or Burma) is a charming and glorious destination with the mysterious past, the appealing beauty of the gilded temples, and friendly residents. You might find dozens of reasons why to visit Myanmar, but the top 10 below will remove any of your hesitation to make this country the next destination for your Indochina travel.

#1: The ideal destination for backpackers

The biggest joy that almost every traveler savors in Myanmar is sightseeing the antique, revered, and marvelous temples and pagodas. Besides, it cannot help voting for the incomparable peace throughout the land. Though Myanmar has opened to tourism recently, the country still remains tranquil and fairylike, making you feel like you are exploring the mythical world. Backpacking in Myanmar is highly ranked by the well-known tourist magazines denoting the fact that this destination is mostly filled with the backpackers worldwide.

#2: The bewitching Ngapali – one of the world’s most beautiful beaches

Ngapali is gifted with the pure and peaceful beauty of Nature which bewitches the visitors. The beach can even awake the talented poets and writers in you. Admittedly, anybody with the poetic souls would love to lie on the beach, cherish purity and peace. From the secluded white sand to the lush green palm ranges, Ngapali Beach is the true pearl that calls you to visit Myanmar right now. The stunning shelter is ideal for swimming, walking, and sightseeing, kayaking, cycling, and exploring the local markets. Many people call it “the beach paradise,” and Ngapali is worth the title.where to stay in ngapali

#3: The enigmatic Bagan with thousands of mind-blowing pagodas and temples

Nestled on the riverside of Ayeyarwady, and known as the “city of thousands of the temples,” Bagan showers you with the opportunities to witness some of the most special religious structures in Southeast Asia. The city itself embraces the mysterious beauty which triggers lots of anecdotes to surprise the guests. Tour to Bagan, it’s like you are getting lost in the heaven of the magnificent temples and pagodas. Most of the religious landmarks are set quite close to each other. Hence, the most suitable mean of transport to discover them is the bicycle. Besides, you can use the interesting services of horse carts, tuk-tuk, and buses. Bagan is also most famous for the hot-air balloon ride over thousands of the imposing constructions.

#4: The Delicious and Inexpensive Food

Regardless of the culinary influences from India, China, Thailand, and some minority groups, the Myanmar food has the unique yummy flavors. Not only the food is delectable, but it is quite inexpensive. If you travel to Yangon or Bagan, take time trying the fantastic street food including tea salad, samosa salad, Shan noodle, grilled dish, and fragrant Burmese curry. The affordable and savory dishes make your days in Myanmar full of the culinary enjoyment, resulting in the happy stomach.

#5: The chummy and generous Burmese people

If you ask what might impress the others when they experienced the Myanmar travel packages, some of them will point to the imposing religious heritages, while the rest mention the chummy smiles and the friendly faces with Thanaka powder of the Burmese people. Wherever you get around the country, it’s easy to see the happy smiles and the warm-hearted support from the locals. This is the beautiful highlight of culture that calls many tourists back to Myanmar over and over.Travel to Myanmar from Netherlands

#6: The miraculous and shining Golden Rock

Positioned in the little lovely Kyaiktiyo town, around 160km from Yangon, Golden Rock is the big magnet that attracts the international pilgrims and explorers. The enigmatic, revered, and imposing Rock is 15m high, which looks extremely awe-inspiring from afar. On the top of the rock is the 5m-high pagoda. Set on the steep mountain cliff, but the Golden Rock remains stable and withstands the test of earthquakes to be there as time passes. According to legend, the power that keeps the revered Rock stand still is the Buddha hair enshrined. Though the way to the venue is challenging, it cannot discourage the visitors who come there more and more.

#7: The dynamic streets of Mandalay

The name of Mandalay might bring the feeling of peace and easiness, but actually, the city streets are dynamic and lively with lots of exciting activities and live performances. When you get out of the hotel and wander around the Mandalay streets, you know that you are right.  The city cheers you up with the busy markets, street food carts, antique buildings, and happy residents. The advantages urge you to immerse into authentic Burmese life. Also, the live performances on the streets keep the city tour full of nicely special experiences.

#8: Hot-air Balloon in Bagan

As you know, Bagan is the city of thousands of the mind-blowing pagodas and temples which are definitely perfect for the hot-air balloon ride. Ballooning feasts your eyes and mind with the poetic Ayeyarwady River, the extensive green fields, and the sparkling gilded temples. The morning is the best time for a balloon ride over Bagan when you cherish the cool and fairylike atmosphere.

Hot-air Balloons over Bagan Myanmar (source: internet)

Hot-air Balloons over Bagan Myanmar (source: internet)

#9: The Awesome Cruising in Myanmar

The country is ideal for cruising on the rivers, lakes, and beaches. There are three major rivers including Irrawaddy, Yangon, and Chindwin. With the natural advantages, cruising in Myanmar brings you to the graceful and idyllic world in which you contemplate the antique heritages along the riversides, the Burmese traditional houses, and the harmonious living ways. And if you are keen on the extensive blue ocean, it is feasible to cruise to the picturesque Myeik Archipelago covering hundreds of the pristine islands. The grandeur and beauty of the natural water world are admirable.

#10: U Bein Bridge where to view the most beautiful sunset in the world

U Bein Bridge is the world’s longest wooden bridge that connects the two sides of Taungthamma River. This is the preferred place for the locals, Buddhists, and visitors to contemplate the awesome owl-light. The 12km-long bridge has been there for two decades and won the international records as one of the best places to view sunset in the world, ranked by CNNGo Magazines.

Why tour to Myanmar? The top 10 reasons above have been completing the mission of inviting many travelers alike to Myanmar, so go for it right now.

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