Top Experience for Backpackers to Bagan – Myanmar Backpacking Budget
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Bagan used to be the most thriving capital city of Pagan Kingdom during the 11th-13th centuries. With more than 2000 thousands of temples and pagodas nestled under the extensive shades of the age-old trees, this is the mecca to cherish the Buddhist heritage. If you travel as backpacker to Bagan, take time enjoying the top experiences to assure the best Myanmar Backpacking Budget.

#1: Hunt for the sunrise photos from the top position

Bagan is amongst the best places to view the sunrise. In the thick mist, the city appears miraculous and mind-blowing with thousands of the religious masterpieces. If you can find the ideal position on the top to hunt for the best pictures of the dawn over the shinning constructions, then you believe the magic in Bagan is true.

#2: Visit the Buddhist pagodas on bare feet

In this country of Buddhism, people need to take off their shoes and socks outside the pagoda. Then, you go on the bare feet into the religious venues in Bagan. The floors of the pagodas in Bagan are built from the burnt bricks which are quite hot during the afternoon. This brings the unforgettable experience. The holy and exquisite centers filled with many Buddha images of various sizes and shapes impress you all.

#3: Contemplate the architecture of Mahabodhi Pagoda

Mahabodhi resembles the architecture of the original Bodhgaya Pagoda in India, which brings the awe-inspiring and miraculous appearance. The first impression of this architecture is the big carvings depicting the stories of the Buddha’s life. The interior of this masterpiece will make you marvel how the ancient architects could build such the religious wonder. Hence, pack and stop by Mahabodhi during the 4-Day Bagan Tour Package!

#4: Visit Dhammayangyi Temple in the pyramid shape

The local horse carts will bring you to the largest temple in Bagan which is named Dhammayangyi. From a distance, you will be attracted to the pyramid-shape venue. There are also some sad stories about the construction of this temple dated back to the 12th century under the reign of King Narathu who ordered to kill the workers that could not put the bricks as tightly as no needle could not pass through. Dhammayangyi enshrines the beautiful and authentic Buddha images which withstand the test of time.

#5: Cherish the stone Ananda Temple

Ananda is the most renowned attraction in Bagan, with the cross shape and the giant standing Buddha statues. The main tower of Ananda is 54m high with the four faces looking toward the four directions. Also, the different facial expressions on the Buddha images have the power to remind the visitors about the merit of their actions.

#6: Stop at Thatbyinyu – the tallest temple in Bagan

It’s the huge shortcoming if you don’t pay a visit to Thatbyinyu Temple of the 12th century, at the height of 66m. The Phaya delivers the nostalgic feeling with the age-old walls, mythical stories, and unique ruins. As one of the most outstanding relics in Bagan, Thatbyinyu is surely worth seeing.

#7: View sunset over Shwe Sandaw

If you ask where to view the best sunset over Bagan, then the answer is Shwe Sandaw Temple. The construction has a stupa on the top. Legendarily, it was built in 1057 to protect eight hairs of the Buddha taken from India. Within 30 minutes, the whole spectacle of Bagan changes beautifully and gets dyed in the light purple when the sun starts disappearing out of sight. If saying, Bagan is the best place to view sunset and sunrise, then come directly to Shwe Sandaw to cherish the majestic twilight.

Together with the expensive Balloons over Bagan which doesnot match the Myanmar Backpacking Budget, these top experiences have been stimulating many backpackers to the mecca of Buddhist. Pack and go to the recommended sites so that you know the tours to Bagan are as wonderful as shared and even better.