Keng Tung (or Kyaing Tong) is located in Shan State, the far east of Myanmar. The remote town is inhabited by the traditional tribes such as Shan, Akha, La Mone, Lahu, etc. Some of the most “forgotten” tribe people can also found in Keng Tung that makes the rural town the ideal destination to learn about the cultural diversity of Myanmar. Along with that, you get lots of trekking and cycling opportunities here. The landscape of Keng Tung is highly inspiring to the thrill-seekers.

Important Notes about Kyaing Tong Or Keng Tung, Myanmar

First of all, please note that it’s unlawful to trek without a guide in the east of Shan state. It is because the borders of Thai and China are so close. If you wander off alone, you may get involved in some unwanted troubles. Therefore, if you want to explore the east of Shan state, always trek with a guide.

Besides the cultural diversity made up by the remote hill tribes, Kyaing Tong town is also famous for the interesting sect of temples whose structures are influenced by the neighboring countries as well as their cultures. Visitors can directly come into the temples to evaluate the cultural correspondences.

What’s more, the exceptional atmosphere in Keng Tung is contributed by the morning markets – the beautiful pictures dotted by the colorful dresses of the tribe people. Here, you should not expect to buy any souvenir because it is not the tourist market. Rather, you can witness the age-old way of life. Photograph freely if you feel interested in the scenes.

Nearby the heart of the town, there stands Laung Tung Lake. The lake is bordered by the colonial architectural buildings, cafes, shops…that provide the peaceful space to relax. You can stay here to enjoy the sunset while sharing some tea with the sociable locals. You can reach the far-off city by using services of Keng Tung Airport. It is also the home of the Kyaing Tong Degree College. A short visit to the college is preferable.

Throughout the hills of Keng Tung, there scatter many ethnic minority villages – the big magnet to the adventurers who treasure the rugged mountain landscape and the challenging hill. In the uttermost east of Myanmar, the 3000-feet valley of green rice fields makes up the scenic backgrounds. The Kyaing Tong Town also covers a small lake that is dotted with the age-old Buddhist temples as well as colonial architecture. You can go back in time here with the medieval feel. The flowery gardens and the lush fruit orchards around the town are also scored.

More interestingly, when you are in Keng Tung destination of Myanmar, expect to hear the “strange” sounds of Shan language rather than Burmese! You hear it every corner of the streets of the old town. It is great for the uniquely traveling joy.

Tour to Kyaing Tong in the Festive Days

Your Kyaing Tong Myanmar Tour is at its best when you come in the festive times (see Kyaing Tong and Inle Lake tour here). The Shan New Year often falls in the early December when you can enjoy the big festivals of the talent shows, dance, songs, and beauty competitions. Besides, the Burmese New Year is in April that covers the animated activities of “beating the drum”.