Travel to Myanmar for 7 Best Foods That Enchant You
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Myanmar is an enigmatic country with thousands of the revered and gilded pagodas, peaceful lakes, untouched islands, as well as extraordinary cuisine. With the diverse ingredients and flavors, Myanmar food makes anybody who used to taste it finds it hard to forget. Let’s read about best food Myanmar to succeed your next trip!

#1: Salad with Tea Leaves

This is the delicious and special appetizer in Myanmar that all travelers should not miss. The tea leaves are fermented to have the bitter and sour flavor and then mixed with the thin slices of cabbages, tomatoes, some kinds of bean, chili, and garlic oil. With the tea ingredient, this salad keeps you wakeful, so enjoy it moderately.

#2: Shan Rice

Shan-style rice

This is one of the most famous dishes in Myanmar that you must know. A round plate of Shan Rice includes the rice cooked with turmeric, and a slice of the fried freshwater fish, plus the garlic oil on the top. Besides, the set has some toppings of crispy pork skin and garlic.

#3: Burmese Curry

The curry presents in almost every eatery in Myanmar which offers not only the great meal but also the enjoyable culinary experience. A bowl of curry can include pork, beef, or mutton, and is often consumed with rice as well as a small cup of soup and a large tray of fresh vegetables and herbs. The Burmese curry is distinct and special, according to many connoisseurs. Therefore, come to see for yourself how excellent the taste of the curry should be!

#4: The Tofu Noodle

A bowl of tofu noodle makes the Myanmar Food Tour unique and memorable, indeed. In reality, this kind of Burmese noodle is not made from tofu, but from the green bean flour covered by the noodles. You can find the well-spiced chicken, pork, vegetables, and chili in the typical bowls. The tofu noodle enchants the foodies who first taste it, and the importance is that it can win the international praises.

#5: Nangyi Thoke (a kind of dried noodle)

This dried version of Burmese noodles is a must to eat in Myanmar that you feel highly pleased after some first bites. The bowl often includes the dried and thick noodles, chicken, and slices of fish, hard-boiled egg, and bean sprouts. The yellow appearance of the dish is very eye-catching, and when you savor it in the first place, you know that you have made the excellent decision to try it out.

#6: Mohinga (the noodle with fish)

Mohinga rice noodle and fish soup from Myanmar

Mohinga is amongst the most-frequently mentioned dishes in the list of Burmese traditional food. Without a doubt, you’re highly recommended to have a bowl of noodle with the fish cooked with herbs and eaten with the crunchy banana core. The Burmese people often eat Mohinga for breakfast that holds the dominant presence in most of the local eateries throughout the day. Hence, if walking around the corners of Yangon, Mandalay, or Bagan, look for the food carts serving the Burmese fish noodle and have a seat to wait for the delicious bowls.

#7: Shan Noodle

This is another fantastic choice of noodle in Myanmar to delight your palate. The simple yet popular and delicious Shan noodle features the combination of the rice noodle, spicy broth, well-spiced chicken and pork, fried sesame, and garlic oil. Often, the noodle of the Shan State is best to be eaten with the salty vegetables. The bowl of Shan noodle looks simple yet its taste can go beyond your expectations and during your Myanmar Tour Packages, you might even enjoy up to three bowls or more.

Whether your destinations are Inle Lake, Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, or else, take your opportunities to try best foods Myanmar. The more dishes you can discover, the more memorable and pleasant the trip will be.

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