U Bein Bridge – Story of Best Place to View Sunset in Myanmar
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U Bein Bridge is the valuable highlight of Mandalay which is ranked as the best place to enjoy the sunset in the region, and possibly the whole Myanmar. The images of some monks walking on the Bridge during the twilight moments do enchant many travelers. If you share the huge interest in this impressive teak bridge, know its story below.

U Bein Bridge in Mandalay

Around 11 km south of Mandalay, the fantastic U Bein Bridge is 1.2km long and made from teak planks. This is the longest teak bridge in the world, and also the ideal spot to cherish the magical twilight. It is not an exaggeration to say that every picture taken there during the sunset moments is marvelous. As a result, almost tours to Mandalay include the time for U Bein, and the visitors should arrive at this Bridge in the late afternoon when the sun starts setting out of sight from the sky.

Being an extraordinary attraction, this teakwood site is also the significant passageway for the locals. Know that there are police forces around to guard the Bridge and prevent any anti-social behavior as well as the criminal action. What’s more, it’s interesting that the floors of the site can be lifted to let the barges and boats pass.

The Story of U Bein Bridge

In 1857, the Mayor named U Bein ordered to salvage wood from the dismantled peak palace and rebuilt it to be the special Bridge. Then, to commemorate the Mayor, this construction was named after him. At that time, 100 huge pillars and thousands of pallets were used to build this magnificent site. Formerly, U Bein was entirely erected from the teak taken from the old palace. Nonetheless, several pillars were replaced by the concrete ones to reinforce the bridge. As time passes, this Bridge has become busy with lots of passengers and had the indispensable roles in the locals’ life. It’s believed that this is the most ancient and longest wooden bridge in the world. Without a doubt, U Bein Bridge in Mandalay is the must-see landmark in any Myanmar travel packages.

The ideal time to visit U Bein

Of course, sunset is the best time to reach U Bein Bridge. On a daily basis, lots of visitors and saffron-robed monks come to enjoy the majestic sunset over Tayngthman Lake. Meanwhile, it is the time when the locals cross the Bridge on foot or by the bicycle to return home. Furthermore, you can see many fishermen are fishing in the site’s shadow. When the sun changes its color and begins disappearing out of sight, capture the moments to take the perfect photographs of the Sunset at U Bein Bridge.

sunset is the best time to reach U Bein Bridge

Sunset is the best time to reach U Bein Bridge

Due to the different angles, people might photograph the different colors of the spectacle. While some catch the orange scene, the others get pictures of the incomparable red or violet. When the impressive Bridge is covered by the magical light, you believe in the fact that U Bein is the ideal place to obtain the magical view of the sunset in Myanmar.

Also, the period from July to August is when the water in the lake reaches the highest level, drawing many people travel to U Bein Mandalay to cherish the antique wooden masterpiece, the peaceful spectacle in which many monks are walking silently, and the locals are returning home. The experience in the teak construction might be amongst the most memorable in the land of the golden and revered stupas. The great photo opportunities are various by either walking on the bridge or hiring a boat to view the site from the water ground. So, whenever you travel to Mandalay, make it a point to visit the teakwood U Bein always.

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