On 24 March 2020, Myanmar announced that the country had no cases of Covid-19 and that it is still safe from the deadly virus. “Until now, no one in our country is infected with Covid-19,” said State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Keep reading for some important updates about Covid-19 in Myanmar to conclude whether you should go abroad during the event of this pandemic.

General Status of Covid-19 in Myanmar

The Burmese government believes that the key to helping prevent the Covid-19 outbreak is the people, as the citizens’ cooperation can boost the effectiveness of the government policies. Even, they establish a fun to fight against the pandemic “to which citizens can make a contribution.” Currently, it is on high Covid-19 alert and restricts public events until the late April 2020.

Also, the mass gathering and public occasions (including the traditional Thingyan water festival) should be restricted. Such a restricted period should be extended if necessary. It’s confirmed that no cases of Covid-19 have been found so far in the country. Therefore, people should not believe in any rumors intentionally to misinform and drive the public panic. Over the disease alert, Myanmar temporarily closes all cinemas from March 17, according to the Ministry of Information.

Even though there are suspected people, they are all tested negative so far. Earlier on February 01, the country evacuated 59 students from Wuhan, and all of them were tested free of the coronavirus after a 14-day quarantine in a hospital in Mandalay. However, public concerns arise in the country, and some panic purchases of necessities occurred in Yangon and Mandalay. Also, it shuts down the land borders, closes the schools and puts the hospitals on standby. Right in Yangon, 08 hospitals have prepared rooms for patients.

Myanmar: high Covid-19 alert and restricts public events

Covid-19 Damage to Burmese Tourism

How about covid 19 in Myanmar? Myanmar should keep a close watch on the Burmese passport holders who return to their home for the Thingyan holiday. Also, there might be an increase in international tourists. Along with that, the country stops its people from traveling or working overseas during the Covid-19 outbreak in the neighboring countries, such as Thailand.

Most of the tickets sold for the Thingyan festival – the country’s largest event, have been canceled because of the fears of the deadly virus. Generally speaking, amid the virus outbreak, almost nobody wants to travel, so they decide to cancel and the agencies have to refund the money. In that sense, make sure to think twice if you want to go overseas at this moment.

Not only Yangon and Mandalay, the domestic tours to local destinations namely Myeik, Shan, Chin, Kayah, Myitkyina, and beaches become pending. And, 24 of the 36 airlines flying to the country have delayed their flights and services due to the pandemic, according to Yangon International Airport. As the virus outbreak gets more and more complicated worldwide, it’s just smart to stay at home right now to prevent the spread of the dangerous virus. Besides, make sure you take all necessary precautions and be careful.

Travel bans and other extreme measures are being imposed by more and more countries since the World Health Organization confirmed that Covid-19 was a pandemic. Also, the meaningful slogan “we have stayed at work for you. Please stay at home for us” is widely applied, and it’s not recommended to travel abroad. If you plan to go anywhere, make sure to check the latest information about the safety status of the country against the Covid-19. Some countries are in the peak of the virus outbreak while the others remain safe and keep the damage under control. All are doing their best to stay safe and healthy.