In almost any talk about Shan State in the east of Myanmar, travelers worldwide often point to the famously peaceful Inle Lake. But if you have more time in Shan, know that the area has some other attractions for the nature lovers, beside Inle. That is Pindaya Cave, just around 100km from the Inle. So if you arrive at the Shan state, just pay Pindaya a visit.

The journey to Pindaya Natural Cave in Shan, Myanmar

When you are in the Shan state, and on the way toward Pindaya, expect to have the scenic drive on the small yet spectacular roads. On Myanmar Tours to Pindaya, the roadsides are beautified with the imposing and peaceful highland spectacle. So, take the opportunities of sightseeing and taking pictures of the beautiful sceneries to get some feelings of the Burmese beauty.

Along the route, it’s likely that you will stop by the local village where people make the shells of Myanmar tobaccos from the trees in their gardens. There you come to know the intricate procedure that people pick the leaves, put them into the special-designed stoves to get them dried. Then, the dried shells are arranged in the packets and sold to the families who make Burmese tobaccos. Then, keep driving and you come closer to the Pindaya Natural Cave. There might include a quick stop at the local markets for photography and purchases of some items. The Burmese people are sincere and hospitable, so you can even take some pictures with the local kids whose faces have the Tanaka makeup (a kind of white powder made from the wood).

Nestled amidst the imposing highland, Pindaya Cave stretches on the ranges with the elevation of 1.200m. In both sides of the road leading to the cave entrance, you see the hundred-year-old banyan trees with the very big shade covering the spacious area. Without a doubt, this creates the fascinating spectacle. From a distance, you can view the exterior of the cave which looks similar to a pagoda. The pedestrian route for the pilgrims and visitors are roofed from the bottom to the cave entrance.

Buddha Statues in Pindaya, Myanmar

Buddha Statues in Pindaya, Myanmar

When you step into the natural landmark, the first impression is a variety of Buddha statues of various sizes and shapes. All statues are gilded, revered, and shining to strike your eyes. The holy and impressive sights striking your eyes make the travel to Myanmar definitely worthwhile. It’s estimated that Pindaya enshrines around 8.000 Buddha statues scattered throughout the length of 150m. Amongst that number, there are many valuable antique figures. Entering the 150m long cave delivers the unforgettable experiences in contemplating a huge collection of the gilded Buddha images. You will soon marvel how such the revered masterpieces were put there and who did that.

The statues appear in various postures and styles of the different eras in Burma. There are so many figures that leave the way only enough for two people. From the ceiling to the body of the cave, most of the corners are covered by the Buddha images. The deeper you get into the site, the more sculptures that you can find. In particular, the second compartment of the cave opens the zone filled with other thousands of statues. In some areas, the holy objects are put interchangeably with the stalagmites and stalactites, creating the shining view.

Include Pindaya Cave in list of attractions to see in Shan State

The well-lit cave allows the pilgrims to do homage to the solemn and marvelous Buddha figures and pray for the best all season. Note that the locals do not burn the incense inside the cave. The only thing to bring there is the bunch of flowers. So, when you are in the Shan State of Myanmar, make it a point to visit this Buddhist pilgrimage site.

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