The world looks at Kalaw as the beautiful hill station in Myanmar (or Burma). It is 1320m above the sea level. The hill town is located in the Kalaw Township, Taunggyi District, Shan State of Burma. The setting of Kalaw is highly inspirational for the artists and the thrill-seekers. People come to the laid-back hill town to trek, photograph and get the inspiration for their artworks. “The Art of Hearing Heartbeats” novel by Jan-Philipp Sendker was created on the major setting of Kalaw, Myanmar.

Kalaw Destination – The Trekking Mecca of Myanmar

The old hill station, Kalaw, is blessed with the laid-back ambiance, refreshing air, and scenic view. In Kalaw, there also remain many original colonial-era buildings. The good blend of the challenging nature and the manmade structure makes Kalaw the Myanmar’s trekking Mecca. The fascinating hill views win the interest of even the most fastidious trekkers on earth. Meanwhile, the eye-catching flower-lined streets and the unique lives of the local hill tribes attract the tourists effectively. You get the myriad of options to explore in days and nights.

In the Kalaw town, there sets a lively market where people from the surrounding hills come to sell their products. The town is full of food stands, café, restaurants that serve the diverse dishes. The heart of the town is dotted with the Aung Chan Tha Stupa that sparkles with the silver and gold glass mosaics.

Left the town behind the back, are you ready to trek? The longer treks of two or three days are offered for you to experience the life of the ethnic groups like Danu, Pa-O, Palaung, and Taung Yo. To reach the wonderful views of the Shan hills, the pagodas, and hill tribe villages around, you may need the guides’ instructions. Find them in your hotels! Anyhow, if you are the brave adventurers, just trek solo! But note that the local villagers are unlikely to speak English. So, having your phone installed GPS and the pre-load maps will be helpful.

From Kalaw, the trekking Mecca of Myanmar, the adventurous trekkers can interestingly enjoy the journey to Inle Lake and many other Buddhist temples along the scenic route. The charges of the Kalaw Trekking Tours vary due to year’s season and the group’s size. The larger groups mean the lower prices, and the general charges are $35-$60. Also, the trekking trips from Kalaw to Pindaya last 2 or 3 days that are full of sightseeing enjoyments. Trekking in the Shan hills gives you tons of the unforgettable memories. 

Besides Trekking, What To Sightsee In Kalaw, Myanmar?

You can independently walk in and around Kalaw to get the remarkable views of the scenic hill station, its market, and the bordering hills. The list of the must-see tourist attractions in Kalaw, Myanmar has just been created for you. It includes Thein Taung Pagoda (hosts a Buddhist monastery), Hnee Pagoda (houses a 500-year-old bamboo Buddha), Shwe U Min Pagoda (a cave contained golden Buddha), Christ the King Church (a religious monument), etc.

Try hiring a bicycle with gears to get around Kalaw Attractions! About 30-40-minute bicycle ride away from Kalaw, you will reach the Myin Ma Thi Village. Here, you find the big cave to discover by foot. A short excursion to Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp gives you an opportunity to treat the elephants ethically…. See the full travel guide of Kalaw in Myanmar here !