Visit Renovated Myanmar National Museum Yangon to Learn History
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Myanmar National Museum, situated in Yangon, is one of the most important sites in the country that preserve the Burmese art, history, and culture. Recently, this museum has been upgraded to better serve the visitors. For the next Myanmar travel packages in Yangon, spend time visiting this renovated landmark if you prefer the back-in-time episodes in the enigmatic country.

The Renovated National Museum of Myanmar

The National Museum of Myanmar was built in 1952. Recently, this building has just been upgraded with the improved systems of lighting, displays, and signage. The improvement aims to appeal better to the visitors so that they will come to visit this long-forgotten heritage site. In fact, not many travelers come to see the Myanmar National Museum in Yangon; rather, the focus lies on the Sule Pagoda, Shwedagon Pagoda, Bogyoke Aung San Market, and the nearby Golden Rock. Therefore, the renovation attempts to call more people to the historical site.

There, you step into the attractive world of the Burmese history, art, and culture to understand more about the enigmatic angles of the country. From the authentic paper documents to the renovated colorful pictures on the walls and the inspiring antiquities, this Museum can definitely appeal to your eyes and minds. The historical documents about the Lion Throne and the compilation of the national races are highly valuable and irreplaceable. They are all the heritages to keep for the later generations to pore over. Also, on the top floor, there display the traditional costumes of all ethnic groups in Myanmar. There must be some garment styles that win your praises.

So if you are keen on the Burmese history, culture, and civilization, come to witness the proud collection of the antique artifacts, artworks, ornaments, inscriptions, and memorabilia in this Museum. The history fanciers are highly recommended to spending time visiting this local landmark which is only 2-3km from the downtown. Whether you book a Myanmar tour or go solo, consider adding this Museum to the itinerary! The experience will never disappoint you.

Before you go, it’s necessary to have a glimpse of the museum’s layout as follows:

  • The ground floor displays the alphabet, script, and literature of the Burmese as well as the other national races in Myanmar. Also, this floor has the Lion Throne Room and the relics of Yatanabon Period.
  • The first floor covers four halls with the exhibits of the royal regalia, Burmese history, pre-historic time (the model of the Padalin Cave of over 10,000 years old), and natural history (the million-year-old fossils).
  • The second floor shows the Burmese culture available in the halls for the local song, music, dance, and rural life.
  • The third floor includes 3 exhibition halls for the Burmese paintings, antique ornaments, and jewelry.
  • The fourth floor holds the halls for preserving the Buddha images as well as the culture of some ethnic races in Myanmar.

Address: No. 66/74, Payay Road, Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, except Myanmar New Year Festivals (Thingyan Water Festival) in April.

At Myanmar National Museum Yangon

At Myanmar National Museum Yangon

Travel Tips to Visit National Museum of Myanmar

  • Do not touch any showpiece. This is the golden rule when you visit almost every museum of art, culture, or history in the world. The exhibits all have the high values, and the touch can even damage them.
  • Expect to pay 5000 kyats per person for the admission fee to enter the building.
  • Spend time exploring the nearby attractions if wanted. In particular, the Shwedagon Pagoda is an only 20-minute walk from the Myanmar National Museum Yangon, and the Sein Gay Har Supermarket is around 10-minute walk from the Museum to the downtown. What’s more, People’s Square and People’s Park are quite close, within 10-minute walking.
    At Myanmar National Museum Yangon

    At Myanmar National Museum Yangon

A Glimpse of Yangon before you go

In fact, Yangon is one of the best tourist destinations in Myanmar that most tour packages cover. Previously, this is the Burmese old capital until 2005 (the Burmese present capital is Naypyidaw). This city owns many bests of the country, from the most authentic Burmese lifestyle to the most revered pagodas like Shwedagon, Sule, Botahtaung, etc. Together with the gold-encrusted religious sites, Yangon has the National Museum of Myanmar which supports the visitors’ spiritual and historical curiosity. The proximity between the Museum and Shwedagon stimulates your Yangon day tour, from the back-in-time episodes to the awe-inspiring gilded religious venue. So if you are interested in the Burmese history and spirituality, nothing can substitute the actual Myanmar travel in which you can experience and feel the local identities. Actually, the best time to get there is November – February when it’s dry and comfortable. Pack and go to Yangon Myanmar, this praiseworthy city will never fail to amaze you via the colonial mansions, the glittering golden pagodas, the identical markets, and the renovated Museum.

In particular, the Myanmar National Museum Yangon is the irreplaceable national landmark and tourist site that the later generations need to understand the enigmatic history of the enigmatic Burma which used to be closed to the outside world for decades. You will find no site better than this Museum to approach the real documents and artifacts of the Burmese history all over the world. The renovated historical construction in its homeland is a place you must see if the inspiring history subject calls you to this Indochina country. All in all, while Yangon is the colorful and mystic destination, the Myanmar National Museum helps to explain some mystic pieces of history in this city as well as the whole nation. There must be something that lots of us do not know about the mysterious Burma, and the museum visit sheds light on our curiosity. Any book or video online is not as powerful and engaging as the Museum visit accompanied by the knowledgeable tour guide. The trip to National Museum of Myanmar gives you the bigger and deeper understanding of the country and its people. You will gather many interesting stories to tell others, and they will admire your trip.