Myanmar Travel lets you enjoy sightseeing sacred and gold-plated pagodas and savor local culture, art, and cuisine. Also, the actual visit brings you lots of beautiful memories in each destination which owns the unique specialties that can remind you of the time being in the enigmatic country. As the mystic Buddhist country, with pristine nature and gilded pagodas, Myanmar secures your travel with refreshing experiences and distinct souvenirs. If you ask what souvenirs to buy in Myanmar, pick up the following.

Wind Bell – Significient Souvenir to Buy in Myanmar

Wind bell is sold in almost every places, especially in the pagodas and temples. The bells have various sizes and materials which make them the fantastic and lovely souvenirs.  The bells’ surface is decorated with meaningful symbols illustrating the local historical attractions and astrology. Buying the Burmese wind chimes is so popular among the overseas tourists. The wind bells are said to help eliminate the bad spirits and get them away from the receivers and also bring good luck. Expect to pay about 1.000 kyats for a small bell, and 10.000 kyats for the big one.

Jewelry – Souvenir to Buy in Myanmar for Your Lovers

The shining jewels are available for sales in the areas of Inle Lake, Yangon, Bagan, and Mandalay. The jewels are often made of pearl, silver, and metal pieces. When you visit the local jewelry booths, pick up the favorites and pay for them. Believe it, you get what you pay for in Myanmar as the beautiful items are sold at the affordable prices. Of course, they are iconic and colorful. Some necklaces and bracelets of the Burmese ethnic groups can attract your eyes well. Get several sets of jewels for your girls and enjoy their big smiles while giving gifts.

Where to buy jade in Yangon? Some good addresses are Colourful Jade & Jewellery (No. 1/2 North Wing Bogyoke Market, Yangon), Green Heaven Jades (No.6 G/F, North Wing Bogyoke Market, Yangon) or Thiripyitsaya Jewels & Textiles (Sakura Residence, No.9, Inya Road, Kamayut Township, Yangon)

Jade in Yangon - Things to buy as souvenir!

Jade in Yangon – Things to buy as souvenir!

Paper Umbrella – Colorful Souvenir from Myamar

You can even visit the local workshops if going on a boat trip around Inle Lake. The artists usually perform their skills in front of the visitors, and you can see how they make the paper umbrellas and get them drawn with the beautiful designs. From flowers to animals, the colorful drawings directly on the paper umbrellas are very eye-catching and special. Taking pictures with the Burmese umbrellas are the interesting experience. Hence, make sure you buy an umbrella at least for the loved one! A paper umbrella is likely to cost 10.000 kyats.

Sand Painting – Burmese Souvenir with Mutiple Choices

Bagan is the best place to find the local iconic sand painting. Around thousands of the awe-inspiring pagodas and temples in Bagan, there stand out some booths selling the special sand arts with the meaningful drawings. The friendly local artists will welcome you at their booths and happily sell their artworks to you at the reasonable prices, about thousands of kyats.

Puppet – Typical Souvenir to Buy from Myamar

Puppets have been used to perform in Myanmar for centuries. Right in National Museum of Myanmar in Yangon, the tourists can see puppetry performances with the patterns of the prince, princess, horses, etc. Surely, you can buy the preferred puppets and bring home as the awesome souvenirs. Symbolizing on the royal characters, the puppet items look real-life, colorful, and gorgeous enough to motivate your purchases. An item of this kind might cost more than 10.000 kyats.

Puppet is also what to buy as souvenir from Myanmar

Puppet is also what to buy as souvenir from Myanmar

Burmese Cigar – Thing to Buy While Shopping in Myanmar

The cigar in Myanmar is known for the warm and fragrant taste. You can try a cigar and see how the local women make it. One special thing about the Burmese product is that it is produced and packed with the natural materials. It costs around 100 kyats for a cigar.

Buddha Image – Recommended Souvenir to Buy in The Buddhist Country

In a country that Buddhism is the national religion, people can find lots of Buddha images being on display in the local souvenir shops. The local Buddha statues are so competent and sophisticated that convince you of their meticulous and religious values. There might be no other better place to buy the sacred and beautiful Buddha images than Myanmar – the Golden Land of Buddhism.

Longyi – Burmese Souvenir for Both Men and Women

Longyi (a sarong-style skirt worn by both Burmese men and women) is the traditional costume in Myanmar. Often, Longyi has the gorgeous patterns and various colors. While men usually wear the dark-colored Longyi, women prefer the brightly colored skirts and choose the most beautiful one for their special occasions. The traditional handmade bags and scarves are also worth buying.

Tips for Successful Shopping in Myanmar

Do not forget to try bargaining. Like any other countries in the Southeast Asia, you can absolutely bargain when shopping in Myanmar. However, bargaining is unnecessary if you buy things in the luxury shopping malls and commercial centers. And if you do shopping on the streets and markets, the merchants often sell at the higher prices, especially to the overseas guests. Hence, before you purchase, please refer to some shops and practice bargaining. Often, people will bargain at 30-50% discount of the selling prices.

Take precaution to avoid buying the fake items. The technology and skill of some businesses in Myanmar have not reached the degree to mimic the authentic products of the famous world-class brands. However, there is a chance that you can buy the fake items at the high prices. For the best benefits and guarantee policy, do buy the luxury products at the reliable centers. In particular, when you get the gems and antiques in Myanmar, you should come to the certificated shops and remember to keep the guarantee paper and receipt. Note that antiques are not allowed to bring out of Burma; so if you buy anything that looks similar to the antiques, ask the Burmese vendors to offer a certification proving that it is not the antique.

You know the top things to buy during a Myanmar tour and the shopping tips to carry out in any market, booth or commercial center in the Golden Land. Make it the happy vacation in which you are dedicated to sightseeing the gilded and sacred pagodas, eating the local dishes, learning the culture, and buying symbolic items of wind bell, Longyi, jewelry, Buddha images, sand painting, paper umbrella, and more… with Myanmar Shopping Guide. As time passes, the iconic items will remind you of the beautiful time you had in Myanmar tourism and might urge you to start the next Indochina travel to this country again.