What to See in Naypyidaw of Myanmar
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Naypyidaw has been a capital city of Myanmar since November 6th, 2005. The name of this city means “Royal City of the Sun,” promising it to be a beautiful and inspiring destination that is worth your travel to Myanmar. To ensure that you don’t miss the top things there, beside the wide boulevards and the magnificent mountains, get to know the local highlights by reading What to See in Naypyidaw of Myanmar article !

Uppatasanti (the Peace Pagoda)

Uppatasanti Pagoda is the unique and admirable highlight of Naypyidaw that almost every tour package to this capital city include it in the itinerary. In the height of 325 feet (99m high), this religious site was erected on March 9th, 2009. It is outstanding with the precious Buddhism relics for the pilgrims coming to cherish. That said, Uppatasanti has the same size and shape as the famously gilded Shwedagon in Yangon.

The relics stored in Uppatasanti are the 4 jade Buddha statues in the cave, the image of Maha Hsutaungpyae Buddha, the statues of birds, and Bo Tree Garden. Being holy, peaceful, and significant, this pagoda has been celebrating the national religious event such as conferring a title on the elite monks. At first sight, many visitors are impressed by the splendid and awe-inspiring look of this religious venue. Though Myanmar has an admirable collection of gilded and revered pagodas, just don’t miss the Peace Pagoda when you are in the Burmese capital city.  Also, know that this religious venue is shining at night.

naypyidaw uppatasanti pagoda

Uppatasanti (the Peace Pagoda) in Naypyidaw

Naypyidaw Safari Park

Not having the antique beauty, rather, the constructions in Naypyidaw depict the modern values. Within this Safari Park, the visitors can get the fullest safari experiences on the earth. The area covers 14.2 ha of Asian safari, 14.3 ha of Australian safari and 24.14ha of the African safari. Certainly, each ha in the park is valuable and safe for various fauna and flora species. In particular, the Asian safari houses over 100 endangered animals like wild oxen, deer, sambur, etc. And, the Australian Safari is where to find several leopard families while the African Safari is a home to the African deer, lion, zebra, giraffe, etc. To move around the park easier and faster, it’s recommended to use the buggy service. Each corner you pass in the park, you can find several interesting wildlife activities to record.

naypyidaw safari park

Naypyidaw Safari Park

Gems Museum

If you are the ruby fans, then make it a point to visit Gems Museum in Naypyidaw. The Museum provides exhibitions of the world’s famous ruby, sapphire, and jewelry, which attract your eyes definitely. In the special design with valuable decoration items and large glass walls, the upstairs of the museum provides the fantastic spectacle, overlooking the beautiful sceneries in both outside and inside. Whether or not you know the fact the Burma has long been famous for the precious, high-quality pearl and jade, it’s worth witnessing the gem display. Note down the museum’s opening hours from 9:30 to 16:00 (except Monday and the national holidays).

naypyidaw gem museum

Gems Museum in Naypyidaw

Myoma Market

Myoma is the most notable market in Naypyidaw that you should not always miss. Including more than 250 shops and 400 greengrocers behind the commercial sectors, this market provides the competent shopping experiences with a variety of Burmese items. Of course, this is the best place to buy souvenirs in Naypyidaw. And if you would love to see how the Burmese people live and keep their trading customs, the dynamic market zone is a right place to go. Together with the local impressive building and products, expect to fulfill your stomach with the delicious Burmese food. As you might know, “Mohinga” (a kind of noodle and fish soup) is a must to eat in Myanmar, and without a doubt, Myoma Market has it to serve you. What’s more, the market is where to meet lots of local people and interact with them. Feel free to show off your bargaining skills during the Naypyidaw by night.

Naypyidaw Myoma Market

Myoma Market at Naypyidaw

Dartuzaya Pagoda

This is a religious site holding auspicious blessing to the visitors. As the big landmark in the Burmese capital city since its completion in 2005, the Dartuzaya Pagoda attracts both pilgrims and visitors coming to do homage. There have been various ceremonies held there to bring wealth and health to the participants making this pagoda popular among the Burmese people. Also, the architecture of the site looks impressively from afar, and you are should always stop by this pagoda at least once.

Naypyidaw Fountain Park

According to many tourists, the Fountain Park reflects the real soul of Naypyidaw. Entering the impressive entrance made by steel arches, you enter the world of flowery gardens, playing areas, parkland, ponds, and coffee shops. At night, the Park is covered with lights, music, and people. Just follow the crowds down toward the region below the canopies, it feels like you are walking into the music festival with the Burmese pop songs. It’s nice to see some people dancing among the tropical flowers and trees.

The scenes are dynamic to see children kicking a ball in the outdoor amphitheater, the Buddhist monks sitting in prayer on the benches, the women dancing with friends, or young couples exchanging the words of the heart. You find no room of tediousness in the Naypyidaw Fountain Park as there are lots of cultural things to experience. Attracting the young and old alike, the Park is the favorite hangout beautified with music, people, and festive ambiance. If wanted, you can try swam boats at the Park for some relaxing moments. There is also an illuminating pool decorated with some dolphin-shaped fountains, which are interesting for photography.

People have been traveling to Naypyidaw and getting to know the city highlights of Uppatasanti, Safari Park, Gems Museum, Myoma Market, Dartuzaya Pagoda, and Fountain Park. The Burmese capital city is maturing into an attractive destination in the Indochina region, with some markings of the admirable constructions. The charm of Naypyidaw can surely extend. With the domestic flights from Yangon or Mandalay to Naypyidaw, it becomes easier than ever to explore how propitious and charming the capital of Myanmar is. It’s not the “Ghost City” as rumored at all; so pack and go to discover!