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Recently, the city of Yangon in Myanmar has been selected as one of 12 most famous Asian cities.

This selection was made by the website The Culture Trip. According to this site, Yangon is the Asian city that preserves its countless values ​​of culture, history, the rich cuisine or the masterpieces of the natural landscape. Yangon which is the largest city in Myanmar is the perfect destination for travelers liking to explore and develop knowledge of local customs and traditions.

In Yangon, it is easy to discover urban life of the people here. Start your day with the rudimentary train passing through town! You can admire many markets, the rice fields, the lively villages, scenes of everyday life in streets…

The most famous site in Yangon that you should not ignore is the Sweadagon Pagoda – one of the most sacred of Asia. Commercial districts are lively, colorful … with unique streets.

The list chosen by the prestigious The Culture Trip magazine includes: Georgetown (Malaysia), Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei), Chiang Mai (Thailand), Tokyo (Japan), Yogyakarta (Indonesia), Yangon (Myanmar)…

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