Yangon (formerly called Rangoon) was the capital of Myanmar until 2005 when the government suddenly moved its capital to Naypyjdaw. At present, the old capital city has the population of over 5 million people. Also, it remains the biggest city and major economic hub of Myanmar or Burma. The tourists worldwide today travel to Yangon mainly because they hear its fame regarding the sleepy charm of the whole town, its spacious street, tranquil parks, and romantic lakes. Of course, the beauty of Yangon is not stopping at that. It goes beyond what is stated in any paper or recorded in any photo.

A Deeper Look into Yangon Tourist Destination in Myanmar

The name of Yangon itself was given by King Alaungpaya. It originally means “End of Strife”. As said, the charm of Yangon is not limited in its streets, parks and lakes. People coming to the provincial town also get opportunities to feast the eyes with many unique British colonial mansions that hide themselves behind the glittering pagodas.

The mysterious Shwedagon Pagoda is among the most noteworthy religious shrines in Asia that are found in Yangon complex. The pagoda is measured to be 2,000 years old that stores the inestimable historical and cultural values. It is necessary to remove your shoes and cover up your elbows and knees (at least) to enter the holy religious spot.

So, in Yangon, expect to join in the colorful street life where includes many peddlers, rickshaw drivers, shops, etc. At the roadside tea stalls, many people happily enjoy the endless cups of the sweet and milky tea. You can try drinking together with them to get immersed into the animated atmosphere. But if you prefer what is called the sleepy beauty, move to the romantic lakes or the magical temples to get peace and comfort. Besides, the lush and leafy parks are the ideal background for taking the most unique photos.

Exploring the city on foot, you can have fun in the nearby parks & zoological gardens, markets, and colonial old buildings. There are many exceptional sights to indulge the eyes. You know what? Yangon is dubbed “The Garden City of the East”. You will soon fall in love with the land’s shady parks, stunning lakes, and leafy tropical trees. That is all about the eye-catching scenery of Yangon city.

The tourists worldwide also find it interesting to get engaged in the land’s diversity of culture, communities, and business. The perfect blend of tradition, culture, and modernity makes up the impressive landscapes for anybody to enjoy a different side of Asia.

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Yangon Tourist Attractions – What To See?

You will be pleasantly surprised to see and experience various outstanding places of interest in Yangon which are powerful enough to make you exciting in days and nights. The rich collections of gardens, parks, lakes, museums, buildings, etc., give you an insight about Myanmar’s history and culture. The short-listed attractions are Shwedagon Pagoda, Shwemawdaw Pagoda, Yangon Zoo, Botahtaung Pagoda, Sule Pagoda, Shwethalyaung Buddha, Happy World Amusement Park, National Museum of Myanmar, and Hlawga Wildlife Park. The attractions in, near, and outside Yangon are diverse. So, you get many to see. Just opt for the most engaging names and go see them during your Yangon Tours.